Thursday, March 31, 2016

Hero of Banished Scoundrel #Shapeshifter #ASMSG #Erotica

I played a vital role in the Banished Hero. If not for me Havyn and Faye Lynn would never have returned to Ardenia.

But you know what a prude Havyn is, he wouldn't let me near Faye Lynn.

Her naked body and shapeshifter blood called to the lust in mine. If I'd only found her first.

But I understood why the woman captured Havyn's attention.

She looks a little like Meriel, his first love. Same build. Petite, yet her hips and bosom can support the weight of bearing many offspring.

Oh, the smell of her -- a male shape-shifter’s wet dream.

Rock-hard, I thought about fighting Havyn for her. But the man is a beast and I didn't want to go up against him. Instead, I decided to use the situation to my advantage.

Just part of being an industrious young man.

Having Havyn in my debt was worth losing the girl.

Hell, for a chance to get back into Ardenia. I'd have taken him to the portal.

But alas, my adventure was to find Faye Lynn's sister.

(Hero of Banished Scoundrel)

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