Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Spicy Treat with a Spicy Read #HolidayRecipe #MFRWauthor

Saute some onions and peppers.
Add shrimp and a tablespoon of taco seasoning
cook until done.(if you want them spicier add more taco seasoning.)
Grab the flour tortillas  and your ready to eat.

Texas Passion

Home from a long cattle drive to Abilene, Trent McCall just wants to unwind. But in his absence, his father's been making wedding plans...for Trent. The last thing he wants is a spoiled and pampered socialite for a wife. What he wants is a hard drink and a willing woman. An uncomplicated woman who understands a man’s need for release after a hard ride. Good thing he’s got one waiting for him.

Four years back East haven’t changed Catherine Turnberry’s mind. Her heart is set on neighboring rancher, Trent McCall. When an end-of-the-trail party threatens to put him into the arms of another woman, Catherine grabs the bull by the horns. Taking the place of the whore hired to pleasure Trent, she intends to give him a welcome he'll never forget and show him what Texas passion is all about. 

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"Texas Passion is an erotic and fast paced historical/western romance that you will enjoy."

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