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SpotLight for Youthful Temptations by @AuthorTinaGayle

Youthful Temptations by Tina Gayle


A widow with two grown children, Linda Clayton is ready to let loose and have some fun. Jilted at a party, she met a younger man, Vaughn Reagan. He tempts with an active imagination and allures her into his life by tempting her with seductive games.

Vaughn thrilled to find a woman who doesn’t want children. He offers Linda a job so he can spend his days with her. Now, if he could only convince her to forget their age difference and enjoy the nights in his arm.


He followed her and stood directly behind her when she paused by the counter. His breath ruffled her hair, and it brushed against her cheek. A wintergreen scent floated past her nose.

She turned and lifted her hands to create a barrier between them. “Why do you want to get to know me better? You can’t honestly be interested in me.”

He smiled and stepped forward so her hands landed on his chest. “I don’t know about that. Not many people would publicly oppose Philip. With his movie-star face and fake charm, he bamboozles most of the people in our neighborhood.” His hands gripped her waist. Yet, he didn’t crowd her like he wouldn’t release her if she decided to move away. “Or it could be I’m just a sucker for redheads. They radiate a fire which attracts me.”

What would he say if she told him she wasn’t a natural redhead? Studying his face, she judged the meaning behind his words. Twinkles of amusement danced in the depths of his gray eyes. His round glasses sat on a slightly crooked nose, an interesting feature that added to his youthful look. Dark hair framed his face, and a rebellious lock fell onto his forehead. The urge to brush the erratic strand back into place tickled her palm. She clenched her hands to stifle the compelling desire.

“I think there’s more to it. Anyone can buy this color in a bottle.” The musky scent of his cologne drew her closer. She melted a little under the heady fragrance, teased with thoughts of long bouts of sex on a hot summer day.

“Yes, but it’s also the redheaded attitude—fire and ice, feisty and fierce, the bite of a Doberman and the loyalty of a Lab.”

“So you’re calling me a dog.” She couldn’t help but smile at his metaphors. The man’s strange way of saying things provoked images in her head.

“No, I wouldn’t be that rude. But if you want to lick my face or sit at my feet, I won’t complain.” He tilted his head and offered a crooked smile.

Wow, what a stupid thing to say. A laugh broke free, and she shook her head. “You’re too cute for words and probably not much older than my son.”

He frowned, and his hands tightened on her waist. “I don’t believe age has anything to do with the emotional mix I’m experiencing at the moment.”

The naked lust in his gaze showed a serious desire to enjoy the pleasures of sex.

Startled by a hot rush screaming through her body at the unspoken invitation, she exclaimed, “But I’m years older than you!”

“And sexy as hell.”

She couldn’t take him seriously, not at her age and with her background. His house and truck cost more than she’d sold Tom’s business for. “I have two grown children.”

“And know multiple ways to please a man.”

Shocked, she shot back, “I’m a grandmother.”

“Who has the body of a sex goddess!”

She shook her head again. “You’ve got to be joking. Or maybe you need new glasses because no one has ever accused me of being a sex goddess.”

“Then they weren’t looking very hard.” His gaze fell to her breasts.

“Or you’re not getting out enough.” The idea of him really seeing her as attractive weakened her resolve. She rubbed her hands over the soft fabric of his sweater.

“But I can find a lot of examples of goddesses on the Web.” His hands inched their way along her rib cage.

“And they’ve been technically enhanced.” A shiver of awareness rose on her skin. She’d never been very good at resisting temptation.

“Which proves I know what’s awesome and what’s not.” His thumbs brushed the undersides of her breasts.

Linda closed her eyes and inhaled a deep breath. The warm stroke of his hands ignited a craving for sex that had been dormant one year, four months, six days, three hours, and twenty-three minutes too long.

Get a grip. The man would bolt for the hills if he ever laid eyes on her stretch-marked breasts. “You’ve, ah, not seen them in their natural state, so you can’t hand out an accurate comparison.”

“If that’s an invitation for a private viewing”—he cupped her breasts—“I accept.”

His words finally registered in her lust-filled brain, and her eyes sprang open. “What?”

“I’d be . . .” A light squeeze drew her attention to his hands covering her breasts.

“Oh my gosh, what am I doing?” She leaped back. Her hips bumped the counter, and his hands fell to her waist. She wondered at the number of drinks she’d consumed at the party. Could she be drunk? “I, uh . . .”

“Am embarrassed because you liked me touching your breasts.” Vaughn finished her sentence.
“It’s not a sin to like to be caressed.”

“Yes, but I don’t even know you.” She shifted along the edge of the counter until he relinquished his grip on her waist and then stepped away.

Desire tempted her, but she knew the trouble that followed if she allowed a stranger unlimited liberty. After only five minutes alone with her first husband, she’d jumped him. Lust robbed her of all her cognitive abilities. At her age, she should know better than to let him touch her. “I’d better call my son.”

“Wait.” Vaughn caught her wrist. “Don’t panic. I’m not going to do anything you don’t want me to.”

Her face on fire, she scanned his serious expression. His gray eyes reflected a concern she’d not observed on a man’s face since her husband’s death.

“You know I find you attractive, and if given the opportunity, I’d make love to you.” He crowded closer and blocked her means of escape.

She tugged on her hand. The alluring voice of temptation whispered a titillating tale of frolicking around in bed with him at a resort hotel. Other visions followed—playing in the waves on a distant shore, having sex on a sandy beach, or dancing in the dark under a star-studded sky. She shook her head and fought for a reason not to finally satisfy her deep-seated yearnings. There were no ties to bind her in the morning. Why not?

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