Thursday, August 10, 2017

Guarantee Devotion - A #Syfy Full Length #EroticRomance

This is one of my favorite book - because it is a futuristic tale of how you can guarantee devotion. 

Blurb -

Suzi Hotwired for each other... When Ross Dixon is kidnapped from his office, along with the sexy lawyer who'd been busting his balls over a deal that should have been a walk in the park, he wakes to find a devotion chip surgically implanted in his brain. If that isn't bad enough, the chip, designed to trigger emotional reactions between him and the woman lying next to him, is working overtime on his libido.

Mistaken for Ross's flavor of the month, Kayla Michaels, a 22nd century lawyer, doesn't have a problem spending time in Ross's bed--or over his desk--but she wants no part in the romantic feelings the chip is provoking. She's been down that road before and ended up burned.

Kayla and Ross struggle to find answers while coming to terms with the constant lust sizzling between them, but along the way each wonders if the emotions are real or just a side effect of being hotwired.

The tall mountain of a man in the middle shuffled forward. “Come with us, please.” 

“And if we don’t want to go?” Still in her chair, Kayla appeared ready to jump into action if any of them stepped closer. To fight three men might be foolhardy, but he couldn’t help but respect her courage. 

“You don’t have a choice,” the leader said and led the way forward. “Our job is to get you there on time.” 

Kayla laid the minicomputer in her lap on the floor and stood. “I’m not going anywhere with anyone.” 

Ross straightened. “Wait a minute. There’s been a mistake.” 

“No, mistake, Mr. Dixon.” The third man pulled out restraints.

 “We’ve been paid to bring you in and that’s what we’re going to do. Let’s not make this harder than it is.”

Ross gripped the edge of his desk. Transport teams were often hired out to private parties. “Who paid you?” 

“Enough talk.” The leader motioned with his weapon. “Let’s go.”

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