Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Notebook

This movie, like the book, is a story that touches one's heart and makes you wish for such a love.

It also doesn't hurt to have James Garner in it, one mighty fine man to look at, even if he is years older than me.


Saturday, April 25, 2009

Working on My Final Edits for Banished Hero

Thought I'd let everyone know about my next book, that should be coming out in the next month or two.

Banished Hero Blurb - With no memory of her past, Faye Lynn Berton clings to a father who curses her ability to shape-shift, then uses her special skill to scam local villagers. The only freedom she knows comes as she soars through the sky in falcon form. A chance meeting with another changling turns her world upside down. Beyond satisfying the powerful sexual cravings that follow transformation, he reveals a surprising dimension of sex between their kind…one to unlock the secrets of her soul.

Havyn Westmore has questions…Faye Lynn holds the answers. Determined to unravel her secrets, he must strives to gain her freedom and trust. Teaching her the finer techniques of transformation keeps her close while sex strengthens their bond. But on the trail of discovery, Havyn must confront his own past. Accused of a heinous crime, he was banned from his homeland. Now, he must choose between returning to face certain execution—or robbing Faye Lynn of her birthright and a life in Paradise.

Will let you know when it is released.


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Frighten Her Pants Off

If you watch a Horror flick does it put your girlfriend in the mood or turn her off?

You might want to try some of the old classic like Albert Hitchcock before you try some of the more recent scream thrillers.

You never know what a girl might find exciting.

Have fun,


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Looking for a Divorce

Heard about an April fool's joke, that my husband said, would have him asking for a divorce.

A woman replaced the filling in her husband's oreo cookies with tooth paste.

I didn't see the problem. It'd just make them mint fresh. He disagreed.

Men, who can figure them out?

Happy April Fool's Day,