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A #KindleDeal McKee's Ghost for #99Cents - Follow @AnitaPhilmar

McKee’s Ghost
by Anita Philmar
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Blurb for McKee’s Ghost

His fiancée called off their engagement after be accosted by a ghost in his house.
Now, a beautiful ghost detective has shown up at his ranch, saying his brother has hired her to take care of the unwanted spirit.
Konnor McKee is more than happy with PSI Agent Ruth Oliva Wilson. One look and he was hooked. Now, if he can only get some help from a ghost, he might be able to secure himself a bride after all.
With the return of his ex-fiancee, his life is turn upside down by an angry ghost, a vindictive woman and a sexy medium. Konnor doesn’t know which way to turn.
Can he get everyone out of this alive and marry the PSI Agent?
Or has he lost all hope of a happy future because of the ruthless ghost of one of his ancestors?
Taking his anger with himself out on the young man, Konnor grabbed the glass. “And when exactly did you see Miss Wilson?”
Henry shuffled backward. “I saw her around the corner of the house when I was heading home. But then, I couldn’t leave.”
Why not?”
Well, I figured you might want me to be close by. Maybe act as a chaperone or something, so she doesn’t hogtie you into marrying her.”
Konnor set the full glass of water on the kitchen table next to a bowl of apples. “I’m not a young buck like you. I can have a woman visit without taking advantage of the situation. Now, skedaddle.”
Are you sure? Because I don’t mind staying a while longer if you need me to.” Henry edged along the counter to the back door and pointed to the table. “I also cut up some meat and set out the biscuits you made this morning.”
Thanks. Now get. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow.” Konnor waved the boy out of the house and surveyed the food. With the table set with plates and silver, they wouldn’t have to wait to eat.
Nevertheless, what would Ruth think? Would she be happy with a cold meal? Or should he heat something else up?

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Let's Thanks #Reviewers Everywhere #books @Amazon #ASMSG

It sounds easy, doesn't it?

Read a book and give a review.

Hey, we had to do it as kids in school.

Funny, but I still don't enjoy writing a review. Mainly, because I'm not sure exactly what to say that another reader might want to know. That's why I appreciate great reviews. They tell you what you want to know without giving away the plot or the ending.

So today I wanted to say thanks to all the people who spend time reviewing books. Good or bad review, you are appreciated by both authors and readers. Keep up the good work.

I thought I'd share a few of my reviews from Amazon.

McKee's Ghost (on sale now for 99cents)

Brenda (Amazon Review) This is an old west romance with a paranormal twist. The author does a great job developing the characters and weaving an interesting story line.The McKee brothers know what they want when they see it and with the help of their resident ghosts , set out to get them. The author brings a multitude of colorful characters that help move the story such as Grandma Nettie and Barney , the ghosts and also little Genna and her ability to talk to Clyde , the stubborn horse. I loved this book and would highly recommend reading.

A Cowboy's Passion  (free on KU)

Stephanie V. (Amazon Review) This book is A Cowboy's Passion written by Anita Philmar. It's not as long as I prefer but I guess you can only put so many hot as heck scenes into one book! It's set back in the old west and there is a lot of partner sharing going on up in here! Whew! Where is the fire hose??

More Than Ready (99cents)

Irene Talbert (Amazon Review)  The story is about Mary Beth and Kirk. Mary Beth it seems has been interested in Kirk since he tried to....well let's just say....try to do more than kiss đź’‹ her.
Kirk has been interested in Sadie his dead brother's widow. So, he decided to do the honorable thing by marrying her but she marries someone else.
Picture a barn, a guy and a gal with a lasso. What happens next is interesting to say the least.
Read to find out what happens.

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Mastering Her Fear - @BJ_Wane #Suspense #Romance #Erotic

Author:  BJ Wane
Release Date:  January 12, 2018
Publisher:  Blushing Books
Genre:  Erotic Romance

Julie Martin pulled on Jackson Davenport’s protective urges the minute he
stepped outside and saw her go flying off her swing to land in a heap of
gangly arms and legs then come up smiling. When he discovered how her
parents pressed her into competing in beauty pageants for their own selfish
gratification, he took it upon himself to provide her with the friendship the
little girl craved. Years later, just when his adult feelings – and body –
began to want more from the beautiful young woman she’d
grown up to be, Julie moved away to take the modeling world by storm.
Jackson’s first encounter with the changes in her personality broke his heart
and he severed all ties with her.

Six years later, Julie returns to Jackson a broken woman, unable to cope
with the nightmare that changed her life forever. When he discovers her
penchant for cutting herself to deal with the fear, he shows her a
new side of him she’s never seen before, and a new way to get through
the darkness that continues to plague her.

Even though Julie embraces Jackson’s dominant sexuality and the way
his painful ministrations work much better at calming her fears, the truth
of what happened the night her two friends were murdered stands between
them. Will she be able to set aside her guilt to tell him the entire truth, or
will she once again lose the only person who can complete her?

Publisher’s Note: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements
of power exchange and explicit scenes. While it is the third title in the Miami
Masters series, it can be enjoyed as a standalone.

Her skin turned hot, her flesh pulsed and her senses skyrocketed.  
How had she survived so long without his dominant control to
drive out her fear?

Rounding the corner, Julie saw a small red barn across the
sweeping lawn and started that way until her pulse leaped
from the low but recognizable voice coming from behind
the kennels.  Drawing a deep breath to steady her nerves,
she walked to the back then stopped short, her heart stuttering
at seeing Jackson again for the first time in six years.   
The old cliché about how a woman could get turned on
from eyeing a hot man wearing a tool belt or Stetson pulled
low over a rugged face never mentioned the instant,
cream-your-jeans effect of seeing a tall, muscular man crooning
to a small puppy held with care in his large hand.  The sun picked
up hints of red in his dark, mahogany hair curling around his nape,
one sweat-dampened lock falling across his forehead.  Not since
the night he’d left her with her lips throbbing and her girly parts
tingling from his first and only kiss had she been so affected
by a man.  

Then Jackson raised his head and pinned her in place with
those dark blue eyes.  The urge to run and throw herself at
him threatened Julie’s composure, forcing her to fist her
hands until her nails gouged her palms.  The sharp pain
kept her grounded in place.  She could no
longer expect him to catch her and hold her tight.
“Hello, Jackson.”

I live in the Midwest with my husband and our two dogs.
I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter,
babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles.  
We have traveled extensively throughout the states,
Canada and just once overseas, but I now much prefer
being homebody.  I worked for a while writing articles
for a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing
for myself peaking.  My first book was strictly spanking
erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic spanking
romance with a touch of suspense.  My favorite genre
to read is suspense.

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Need Some Love? - Try These Common Food Used for #Aphrodisiacs #RomanticIdeas #Couples

Alcohol: lowers inhibitions and increases confidence; however, over-indulgence has a sedative effect not conducive to a romantic tryst.

Asparagus: three courses of asparagus were served to 19th century bridegrooms due to its reputed aphrodisiacal powers.

Banana: due not only to its shape, but also its creamy, lush texture, some studies show its enzyme bromelain enhances male performance.

Caviar: is high in zinc, which stimulates the formation of testosterone, maintaining male functionality.

Champagne: viewed as the "drink of love," moderate quantities lower inhibitions and cause a warm glow in the body.

Chocolate: contains both a sedative which relaxes and lowers inhibitions and a stimulant to increase activity and the desire for physical contact. It was actually banned from some monasteries centuries ago.

Figs: seasonal crops were celebrated by ancient Greeks in a frenzied copulation ritual.• Ginseng: increases desire for physical contact.

• Perfumes: made of natural foodstuffs such as almond, vanilla, and other herbs and spices act as a pheromone to communicate emotions by smell.• Puffer Fish: considered both a delicacy and an aphrodisiac in Japan. If the poisonous gland is not properly removed, the tiniest taste is deadly. The flirt with death is said to give a sexual thrill. Not recommended.

Oysters: Some oysters repeatedly change their sex from male to female and back, giving rise to claims that the oyster lets one experience the the masculine and feminine sides of love.• Radish: considered a divine aphrodisiac by Egyptian pharoahs, most likely because its spicy taste stimulated the palate.

Truffles: probably due to its rarity and musky aroma, it has long been considered to arouse the palate and the body. To sustain his masulinity, an ancient lover in lore was said to have gorged himself to death on Alba truffles during the wedding feast.

I found this list on

So dab on some vanilla and let's get cooking.


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A Hot Free #Read on Kindle Unlimited - A Cowboy's Passion #RapidPulse #Sexy

A Cowboy's Passion

Free on
Kindle Unlimited

A Cowboy Passion by Anita Philmar

Naked Bluff, Texas series
Book 7
Tess Van Pelt doesn’t have time to grieve the loss of her husband, not when the wolves are already at the door.  Still, she has a lover that is willing to help save her. He introduces her to his cousin, Reece Bristol Smith.
As a lawyer, Reece can keep the debtors at bay. The problem or solution is he can’t keep his hands off Tess. With her deceased husband accused of murder and the major creditor making unreasonable demands, Reece has to secure Tess’s future in the best way he knows how.
Now, will Tess trust him and his cousin to keep her safe or will he need to teach her a few lessons in handing over control to him?
A Cowboy’s Passion is a hot adult erotic mystery that explores the passion of having multiple partners. MFM

Excerpt : (hot)
“And how do you plan to control me?”
He toyed with the knot of her robe, untied it, and shoved the garment off her shoulders. His dark gray eyes fell to the heavy swell of her breasts. A wicked grin played on his lips. Slowly, his gaze lifted to meet hers. “I, like you, have my ways.”
She cupped her hands over his shoulders and rose onto her knees. The idea of him trying to bend her to his will enflamed the submissive hunger buried within her soul. Gab had played the part of being a dominant partner at times but never demanded she submit to his will in every aspect of their life. Hell, he had even allowed John to be in charge while they enjoyed each other.
 Now, without her husband’s protection, Reece appeared to want the job of setting down the rules of engagement. Tess smiled at the thought of the pleasure they could give each other and moved her rock hard nipples to within easy reach of his mouth. “This could be fun.”
He tilted his head and rubbed his hands over her ass as if warning her to behave. Naughty thoughts raced through her head. Visions of them together tempted her. “Just as long as you understand I call the shots.”


Other Books in the  Naked Bluff, Texas series
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In Too Deep – The peace of the day is shattered when her best friend steps too far into the Trinity River.
Duty’s Bride  - Can Sadie have a new life or will her old one rear its ugly head?
More Than Ready – Can a determined woman win her heart’s desire?
A Cowboy’s Pleasure – does this cowboy want the job he’s being offered?
The Country Doctor’s Bride – Run from a murder or marry a doctor, which one will she choose?

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#Free on #KU the Executive Wives' Club series by @AuthorTinaGayle

Four women...
One fatal car wreck...
Everyone's lives changed...

Now on Sale #99cents


Jennifer Larson, having lost her husband, friends and the perfect life she’d had plan, now faces the biggest challenge of her life, moving into an unplanned future. While the rest of the Executives Wives' Club is still wallowing in the past, Jen is tempted into the future by a sexy chiropractor, Hagan Chaney.

But does he really love her or is he only after her money?

Brie Sullivan has a new baby girl and there are a million things to do, but Brie doesn’t have the energy to keep up. Why? She’s still grieving for her husband and suffering from baby blues, but she won’t let that stop her. She’s come up with the answer--find a new husband to be the father of her kids. 

Jason Clark has been doing everything he can to help Brie. He loves her but can he accept her proposal of marriage knowing she’s not thinking clearly about the future?

Blurb - Sylvia Donovan is emotionally wounded from the unexpected death of her husband and still haunted by their last conversation: his request for a divorce and his confession of love for another woman. Her husband gone, her only daughter off to college, Sylvia faces the challenges of learning to live alone and move on with her life. Vince Wilshire, enchanted with Sylvia, is more than willing to do what it takes to capture the heart of the hurting and untrusting Sylvia. Can he help her forget the past and make her believe in love again? 

After surviving the grief from her husband’s death, Marianne Clark has built a new life with the help of the other Executive Wives. She plans to enjoy grandchildren and friends until her doctor tells her he found a lump in her breast. Her world turned upside down. She re-evaluates her priorities and decides she grab hold of life with both hands. 
Knox Turner lost his first wife to cancer. He’s determined not to let Marianne face this challenge alone. 
Can this couple face the trials ahead and build a future together? 

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Taming His Virgin Wife – #DevilCreekRanch, #BlushingBooks #OliviaStarke

Title: Taming His Virgin Wife – Devil Creek Ranch Book 1
Author: Olivia Starke
Release Date: 11/09/2017
Taglines & Tweets
Can Lucas’ discipline and love heal the wounds of Melody’s past?
Will patience and discipline be enough to save their marriage?
#TamingHisVirginWife, #DD, #spanking, #OliviaStarke, #ContemporaryRomance, #WesternRomance, #DevilCreekRanch, #BlushingBooks

Sales Blurb:
I never expected forever when I married Lucas all those years ago. It was a dare, encouraged by one too many vodka shots. It’s surprising neither of us annulled the marriage. But the truth is, I can’t be a wife, not to any man, not even to sweet, wonderful Lucas, thanks to the monsters of my past that still haunt me to this day.

By some miracle, when I was desperate to save my brother, Lucas reappeared in my life. Lucas, who’d helped me so many times in the six months I’d shared his home as a sixteen-year-old foster kid. I had little choice but to take his offer—move with him to his Wyoming ranch and be his wife, for real this time. Lucas doesn’t know the reason I need the money, and it’s a secret I can’t tell.

Running into Melody in an Iowa bar seemed like fate. And when I heard she’s in trouble, I have to help her, because I’ve always felt protective over Melody. In my heart, she’s always been mine.

Now, that she’s with me at Devil Creek Ranch, I find it impossible to ignore the feelings I’ve carried for her since I was a seventeen-year-old kid. I want a wife, a partner in life as well as in my bed, but I know Melody is hiding something from me. Something I fear may drive us apart in the end.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet romance contains elements of power exchange, adult language and sensual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Purchase Links:

Excerpt (PG)

“You’re my wife, Melody. I have a right to know what’s going on in your life.”

His angry tone added fuel to her rising temper. She needed an outlet for the mess of emotions she was feeling—guilt, pain, sadness, confusion. But she had no place to put them except deep inside. She jumped to her feet, and tried to brush past Lucas to get to her bedroom. She didn’t want to argue.

“Wait,” he said, grabbing her arm, “we’re not done here.”

She tried to jerk her arm away but he held fast. 

“Let me go,” she hissed.

“Not until you tell me what’s going on, Melody.”

“Let me go,” she repeated.

“You will obey me in my own home.”

Obey? She hadn’t agreed to obey anyone.

“I’m not one of your employees, Lucas.” 

When she tried to jerk her arm away again, and he didn’t release her, her temper snapped. She slapped him hard across the face, the sound of the blow echoing loudly in the room. Lucas’ face turned a frightening shade of red, and it took Melody several moments to realize what she’d done. 

“So, that’s how it is, is it?” Lucas said through his teeth. 

Fear swept through Melody. He’d kick her out now. She’d lost any hope of saving her brother’s life.

Lucas bent down, picked her up, and flung her over his shoulder. Shocked, she squealed as he marched down the hallway and into her bedroom. He deposited her on her bed, but kept hold of her as he sat down next to her. The next thing she knew she was draped across his lap, face down, and bottom up. She sputtered, and tried to wriggle away, but the palm of his hand came down on her backside in a stinging smack!

Author Bio: Olivia is an editor, book hoarder, cat wrangler, horse whisperer, and professional storyteller. She lives in the beautiful Missouri Ozarks and can often be found outside, enjoying the country life.

Website & Social Media Links:

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Cassie’s Life by @PKCorey #SpankingRomance, #Contemporary #HotRead

Cassie’s Life, book ten

Title: Cassie’s Life

Author: PK Corey

Release date: November 16

Keywords: Spanking Romance, Contemporary,

Tag line  - My mind was clear, my heart was light and my bottom hurt like hell.


Cassie’s Life (Book 10)
Ask Cassie about her life on the river and she’ll tell you it’s lovely and peaceful. But while Cassie loves the life she lives, peaceful is not always an accurate description. Whether she’s confronting an armed man who’s in a drunken rage, planning a friend’s wedding or dealing with a ghost in a backwoods lodge, Cassie is going to deal with it the best way she knows how. And peaceful doesn’t always work.

When a mysterious phone call comes for Cassandra Wentworth – Cassie’s past is suddenly back to haunt her in a devastating way. Tom has always said nothing from before the time they met counts, but he didn’t know about this.  Sue, Annie, Allie and Jenny are all willing to help, but will it be enough?

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Jenny’s face registered total shock. She put her hands to her cheeks as they reddened. “Are you saying…” she began, but couldn’t make herself go on.
“You don’t have to be embarrassed around us Jenny,” Allie explained. “We all get spanked. And Cassie has long suspected that Cal knew and completely approved.”
Jenny looked as embarrassed as a person can. She drew her knees up in the chair and covered her eyes with her hands.
Sue laughed at her. “You think if you can’t see us it will all go away?”
Jenny, her knees nearly hiding her face finally peeked at us. “Are you serious or are you making fun of me?” she asked in a quavering voice.
Poor Jenny did look as if she wanted desperately to disappear. “Honey, Tom’s spanked me since before we were married. Much more recently these ladies’ husbands have also taken up the paddle, or hair brush or whatever. It’s so darn normal around here you might as well be talking about shopping.
Jenny began to come out of her fetal position, but still stared at us incredulously. “But, but…” she began. “All of you?”
“Well not Annie too much because everyone thinks she’s so well behaved,” Sue began.
“I am!” Annie insisted.
“Whatever,” Sue said with a shrug.
“We’ve taken a break and we’re just now getting back into it – just for fun so far. Ryan… well he was really, really mad about something not long ago and he took it too far. It scared and upset both of us, but him more than it did me I think. I only like fun spankings anyway and I’m not planning to give him any reason for a serious one. But I’m glad we’re back doing it,” Allie acknowledged.
“Okay, I get that,” Jenny said looking at Allie. “But I just can’t picture, I can’t believe about the rest of you.”
“Think we’re too old to be spanked?” Sue snapped.
“I suppose you think we’re too old for sex too. Well you’re wrong,” I told her firmly. “I’ll let you in on a little secret about getting old, when you’re ninety you’ll be basically the same person you are now. You’ll look different and your joints won’t bend as well, but it will still be you inside there.
“Now about you and Cal – I always suspected he was encouraging Tom to spank me when I’d do something Cal didn’t approve of. So, I assumed he was a spanker and Lord knows he and Tom talk a lot. I hope he’s not too hard on you and I pray he doesn’t have a hairbrush.”
“He has a paddle,” Jenny said quietly, blushing again. “I don’t like it.”
“Wood or leather?” Allie asked.
“Wood,” she told her.
“Oh, that sucks. Leather is way better, trust me. Maybe you’d like a nice leather paddle for a wedding gift?”

Meet PK Corey

The love of writing came to me late in life and I spent time trying to fit writing into a busy schedule. Recently I retired, the kids are out and on their own and my wonderful husband encourages me to spend more time exploring the world of writing.

I always hear you should write what you want to read, so I have. I write loving domestic discipline with the stress on ‘loving’. I want a strong man who cherishes the woman he loves and is willing to go to any length to keep her safe and protected.

My Cassie’s Space series shows a mature couple who are deeply in love. Despite loving Cassie’s free spirited ways Tom is determination to keep her safe, even if it takes a trip over his knee. My new series, Cal’s Law, is about a younger couple. Though they come from very different backgrounds, love and discipline draw them together.

My blog is:

PK Corey’s Reading Room


Amazon Author page: