Anita's Western Books

Naked Bluff, Texas  Series

In Deep Water – Skinny-dipping to cool off in the Trinity River couldn’t cause any problems...could it? 

In Too Deep – The peace of the day is shattered when her best friend steps too far into the Trinity River.

Duputy’s Bride  - Can Sadie have a new life or will her old one rear its ugly head?

More Than Ready – Can a determined woman win her heart’s desire?

Country Doctor's Bride - Can marrying a country doctor save her from a killer? 

A Cowboy's Pleasure - John needs a job but is this one more than he can handle when he is asked to please another man's wife?
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A Cowboy's Passion - Tess Van Pelt has big problem, now that her husband has died. Can John and Reece save her and at what cost? 

Texas Passion – A girl determine to get her man no matter the cost.

Other Westerns

Hot Prairie Nights - Alone on the range can be hard to take, can a stranger be her knight in shining armor or another scoundrel like her late husband? 

McKee's Ghost  is determined to help her descendants find the right mate. The question is do they like who she has chosen? (PG - story)

Hog-Tied and Branded - an ex-military cowboy can't revel his secret to the woman he loves. Will it kill their relationship?

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