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New Release Gift for "In Too Deep" @anitaphilmar

AP-ITD-200x300 In Too Deep was just released at the beginning of this week. It is the second half of "In Deep Water." These two stories start with two women just trying to cool off on a hot summer day in Texas. They have no idea how hot things are going to get for them.

Blurb for In Too Deep

 On the banks of the Trinity River, Sadie Pepperman is looking for a chance to escape the demands of her in-laws. With her husband’s dead, they want her to marry her brother-in-law so they can take control of her farm.

Suddenly, the peace of the day is shattered when her best friend steps too far into the river. Rushing to save her, Sadie meets a handsome stranger that ignites her dormant lust. She sees her friend rescued by a steamship and backs away from Logan Jansen, only to turn her ankle.

The agonizing pain leaves Sadie with the inability to walk. Needing help, she offers Logan a place to stay if he’ll help with the chores on her farm. With his agreement, Sadie adds another problem to her list. Now, not only does she have to worry about how to bring her crops in from the field and run her farm alone but she also has to fight her attraction to Logan.

 Can Sadie end her in-laws’ interference in her life,
 run her farm alone,
 and give love another chance?


As a gift to celebrate my new release, you can download "In Deep Water" for free from Smashword by using the code LD34L


 Blurb for "In Deep Water" 

 Skinny-dipping to cool off in the Trinity River couldn’t cause any problem...could it?

Wading into the water, Carolyn Evans takes one step too far and finds herself neck¬deep in the river and fighting for her life.

After saving Carolyn from drowning, Zack Goodman is trapped in an awkward situation when they’re both rescued by a steamboat and hauled on deck.

Naked and embarrassed, Carolyn is quick to save them from humiliation and claims they are married.

Will Zack release her from her claim of matrimony? Or will he teach her once words are spoken...they are not so easily retracted?

 Purchase In Too Deep at Smashword -
Amazon -

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Authors Are You Doing the Eggcerpt Exchange?

Every year I participate in the author exchange of eggcerpts.

So this year when Tina Gayle approached me. I said yes again. It is a great way to promote new or older releases.

Here is how it works from Tina's blog. You'll need to contact her to be included in her list of participates. If you only want to do it with me. Hey, that's great too and I'll set up a date for you on my blog.

March 5 is the first day of Lent and the first day of the Eggcerpt Exchange.
This is a great way for authors to promote their books on each other blogs.

Here is how it works.

First an author post on their blog the exchange information about their book (cover, blurb, 250-500 word excerpt, buy links and author links.(No bio))

Next they notify authors in the Eggcerpt Exchange list that they want to exchange posts. The first person an author notifies is me.

Two authors agree to exchange information about their books. Arrange the dates ahead of time and exchange URL information via email.Each post the information on their blogsite with picture of the book, blurb, excerpt, links to other author's site and buy links to the book.

When I post it on my blogspot site, it is feed into Facebook and Google +. In exchange you do the same for me by putting my information on your blog sites. It’s a great way to promote your book.

The one thing to remember is these are general access sites so the excerpts have to be less graphic.

Also this runs from March 5, 2013 to April 20, 2013.

Contact me today to reserve your date  --

( I only post one book a day and I have a list on my blogsite of the authors participating with a link to their site.)


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Some Love for Scorching Mini Tales @jelquinnauthor Jane Leopold Quinn #MFRWauthor

MFRW Author Jane Leopold Quinn released Scorching Mini Tales: The Education of Eris, My Parisian Sabbatical, a self-published Contemporary Erotic Romance, on January 18, 2014.

My Parisian Sabbatical
Angry and broken hearted, Madeline Stuart recovers from a failed love affair. The last thing she expects and wants is an attraction to a stranger in a Parisian café. Charlie Bemis can't take his eyes off the woman he wants to paint, and he doesn't care she's a tad bit older than he is. In this first person short romance, live through Maddie's eyes and sexual awakening as Charlie paints her in every way possible.

The Education of Eris
Eris and Nora are best friends. Nora has fought her attraction to her friend since the day they met. Now that Eris' marriage is on the rocks, Nora comforts her, a comfort that turns into sexual feelings. Shocked and aroused, Eris must decide. Does she leave her husband to pursue a same sex relationship? Can she accept this change in her life and move forward with her best friend?
Warnings: Explicit Sex
Heat Level: R

More About Jane Leopold Quinn 
Author Blog  |  Exquisite Quills  |  Twitter

Friday, February 21, 2014

Some Love for Texas Passion by @anitaphilmar


Texas Passion

by: Anita Philmar

Blurb -

After a long cattle drive to Abilene, Trent McCall just wants to unwind. But in his absence, his father's been making wedding plans...for Trent. The last thing he needs is a spoiled and pampered socialite for a wife. What he needs is a hard drink and a willing woman. An uncomplicated woman who understands a man’s need for release after a hard ride. Good thing he’s got one waiting for him.

Four years back East haven’t changed Catherine Turnberry’s mind. Her heart is set on neighboring rancher, Trent McCall. When an end-of-the-trail party threatens to put him in the arms of another woman, Catherine grabs the bull by the horns. Taking the place of the whore hired to pleasure Trent, she intends to give him a welcome he'll never forget and show him what Texas passion is all about.


“Well, now, did you think I’d ever arrive?” He shut the door and tossed his hat onto the table by the door. Dark curly hair circled his head, and his dark brown eyes met hers.

“I had no doubt you’d get here eventually.” Her hands shaking, Catherine laid her book on the rocker and tried for a more seductive tone. “But I’d like to know what delayed you.”

One corner of his mouth turned up in a crooked grin, he stepped forward, and then paused. “Wait a second, don’t I know you?”

Catherine nodded and toyed with the knot holding her robe together. Should she shed her robe and try to seduce him first? Or just tell him her name?

He tilted his head slightly, and a frown formed on his lips. The subdued lighting of the lantern didn’t mask the lines marring his brow.

Apprehension slithered over her skin, and a lump the size of Texas grew in her throat. “I…uh…”


More of an accusation than a question, her name echoed in her head. “Yes, I…” She edged closer.

He shuffled backward until his back hit the door. “What the hell are you doing here?” His gaze dropped to swell of her breasts, and the cattywhumped expression on his face registered. Clarity filled her head. The man might deny it, but the heat in his eyes proved he found her appealing. Energy pulsed through her, and she untied the knot at her waist. “I decided, since we’re practically engaged, I didn’t want you sleeping with another woman.”

“Whoa, don’t even think about removing that robe.” He held out his hands to stop her, but his tongue slid over his parched lips and the blaze in his eyes sparked higher. Catherine’s confidence grew, and the doubt that had plagued her for the last few hours faded. He might resist, but she’d show him this was what they both wanted.

Whipped Cream Reviews

"A captivating tale of seduction and love, Texas Passion, is a cute albeit too short story, but a nice summer read."

Check out the rest of the review on

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Sharing a Tip on How to Add an Author App to Your #FACEBook Fan Page

I want to thank Tina Gayle for allowing me to share her blog with my readers.

Here is her original post

So off we go...

If you have a Fan Page on Facebook, you might want to look into adding an Author App to it that will allow people to purchase your books from Amazon.

All you have to do is enter your ASIN or ISBN number and the app will set up the link.

The link is display on the left hand side in Red (Read my Book)

It will also allow you to put in a URL to a free sample of your book.

Here is Tina's Facebook page.

If you have already set up your fan page, go to 

A page will come up that says 'The Author Marketing App.'

Just click on the  'Let's get started-" button.

From there it will direct you as to what you need to do to set up the page.

Remember to choose your fan page, not your personal page. You will then see the "Read My Book" button on your fan page.

Now just click on the app and you just enter the information about your books.

You can do this one of two ways

1. just put in the isbn or asin number and hit enter.

2. Or fill in the information yourself.

If after you hit enter, you don't see everything you want it to display just hit edit book and put in the additional information.

Hope this helps,

Thanks Tina for sharing.

Also, if you want to exchange likes just put your fb url in the comment section under the post.  Here is mine.

Have an awesome day,


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Some Love for Wishing For A Highlander @JessiGage #MFRWauthor

 Wishing For A Highlander, a time-travel historical highlander romance, on February 1, 2014.

Single-and-pregnant museum worker Melanie voices an idle wish while examining a Scottish artifact, that a Highland warrior would sweep her off her feet and help her forget her cheating ex. The last thing she expects is for her wish to be granted. Magically transported to the middle of a clan skirmish in the sixteenth-century Highlands, she comes face to face with her kilted fantasy man.

Tall, handsome, and heir to his uncle’s lairdship, Darcy Keith should be the most eligible bachelor in Ackergill. Instead, thanks to a prank played on him in his teenage years, he is known for being too large under his kilt to ever make a proper husband. “Big Darcy” runs his deceased father’s windmills and lives alone at his family manor, believing he will never marry.

But a strangely dressed woman he rescues from a clan skirmish makes him long for more. When the woman’s claims of coming to Ackergill by magic reach the laird’s ears, she is accused of witchcraft. Darcy determines to protect her any way he can, even if it means binding her to him forever.
Buy Links
About The Author
Jessi lives with her husband and children in the Seattle area. She’s a passionate reader of all genres of romance, especially anything involving the paranormal. Ghosts, demons, vampires, witches, weres, faeries…you name it, she’ll read it. As for writing, she’s sticking to Highlanders and contemporaries with a paranormal twist (for now).

Jessi brings her love of research to her worlds and characters. She believes good always triumphs over evil, but in the most compelling stories, evil gives good one heck of a run for its money. The last time she imagined a world without romance novels, her husband found her crouched in the corner, rocking.

Jessi strongly believes in embracing community. She loves her neighborhood and loves getting together with

her writing friends, mom friends, church friends, and, well, anyone who shares an interest. She can often be found having coffee at one of the many neighborhood coffee spots she frequents, or indulging in sweets with The Cupcake Crew, her wonderful critique group.

Find Out More About Jessi:
Website | Blog | Facebook Fan Page | Twitter | Goodreads

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Book Love for Devlin's Dare @Sabrina_York #MFRWauthor

Today I'm showing some book love to 
MFRW Author Sabrina York released Devlin’s Dare
book five in the Tryst Island Series, on February 1, 2014.

A No-Strings Fling Becomes Something For Which He Will Risk All

Devlin Fox has always been a player. A horny bee flitting from flower to flower. He has no idea why the sexy minx he meets on the way to Tryst Island affects him the way she does. Arousal—for her—hits him like a fist to the gut and he can’t stop thinking about her.

But Tara Romano doesn’t “do” commitments. For good reason. When she proposes they be “friends with benefits,” Devlin can’t figure out why the idea annoys him so much. It should be the perfect scenario. A gorgeous, alluring woman who only wants him for his body… He wants, needs, more from Tara, so he hits upon a plan to turn their no-strings-fling into something lasting. A series of tantalizing dares—dares Tara cannot resist.
Heat Level: R
Warnings: Explicit Sex, a visit to a (tame) BDSM party, spankings, and bacon

MORE About Author Sabrina York:
Website  |  Blog  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Learn About My @EroticCravings Friend - Mia Downing

Five Things You May Not Know About Mia Downing...

So Mia, tell me about the skeletons you have in your closet?

 I don't have enough skeletons in my closet to surprise the world. But I do have a few neat things you may not know. I'm going to do five writing things and five personal things.

1) I don't write scenes in order. I write the beginning, then the ending, then fill in the middle. Scenes are all out of order and come when the muse strikes.

2) I wrote my first story in 4th grade when I wrote the sequel to Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. I didn't like how the book ended and I wanted more, so I filled a spiral notebook with a really neat story.

3) I didn't always write erotic romance. My first penned romances were historicals and they were quite unsexy. I also have a few unsexy contemporaries in boxes under my bed.

4) I have my fingers in many areas of the publishing world. I was a technical writer and an editor before I published my first fiction novel.

5) I let my editor, Diana Carlile, have #5 because I got stuck. She said you'd find it interesting that I do write to a playlist (certain songs for certain characters) and I like to torture my characters. I think she means with conflict, though there are a few heroes I've written I'd love to tie to my bedpost and torture with kisses... Anyway. That's two things, but she's the boss so she gets to say whatever she likes.

Personal things:
1) I have SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) which is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks healthy cells in your body. I have been diagnosed since 1997 and have both skin and major organ involvement. To read more, visit The Lupus Foundation of America.

2) I am scared of heights. I hate the glass elevator in the mall and my kids laugh when I hide in the corner with my face stuffed toward the metal side.

3) I worked in a restaurant as a line chef for 2 years. My family won't eat any of the recipes I can make.

4) I am not a big fan of movies. I go to one or two a year. That means I have to work harder scoping out the hot male actors.

5) Neither my husband or I wear a wedding ring (I do have a beautiful ring, though.) A ring is a safety hazard in both of our day jobs. Both of us know people in our professions who have lost their ring finger in an accident.  :-O I wear mine for special occasions and when we go out.

What about you? Is there anything you want to share? :-) Don't be shy!

Thanks for sharing Mia and visit her blog to learn more about her


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Sharing the Love for Beautiful Mistake @Nancy_Corrigan #MFRWauthor

MFRW Author Nancy Corrigan released Beautiful Mistake, an Erotic Paranormal Romance, on January 24, 2014 with Ellora's Cave.

Lena will do anything to protect the shifter child her family takes in, even turn herself into bait. Although she knows better than to fall for a shifter, Devin, the man who captures her, is unlike any she’s ever tangled with. Their desire is unquenchable and the draw to him is undeniable, but their relationship is riddled with mistakes and loving him has the potential to destroy her.

After shouldering his twin’s torture, Devin hovers on the verge of insanity. He never thought he’d have a mate or kids of his own until a rescue mission turns deadly. The beautiful female caught in the crosshairs stirs his mating instincts and tames his wild nature. Only her confusion over their intense attraction stops him from finishing their bond, but Devin’s persistent. He’ll convince his stubborn female that he’s the man she’s been waiting for—one passionate encounter at a time.
Get To Know Nancy Corrigan:
Author Website  |  Author Blog  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

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Looking for Something New -- More Than Magic @DonnaJuneCooper #MFRWauthor

As a member of MFRW, I like to share news about other authors in our group.

Here is February's Featured Author -- Donna June Cooper ANNOUNCES her NEW RELEASE. More Than Magic, a paranormal romance, is released today with Samhain Publishing.

Books of the Kindling, Book 1
A malignant secret could turn her mountain sanctuary into their tomb.

When DEA agent Nick McKennitt arrives undercover on Woodruff Mountain, the beautiful, edgy owner’s awkward attempts to scare him off tell him something’s afoot, and it’s not her secret patch of rare ginseng.

The last thing Grace Woodruff needs underfoot is a handsome, enigmatic writer recovering from a recent illness. Until an accidental touch unleashes a stunning mystical force and Grace senses the wrath of a malicious blight at the heart of the mountain. Now Grace must choose between her need to hide her gift from the world…and her desire to save Nick’s life.

Warning: This book contains a fiery redhead whose magic cannot be contained and a handsome DEA agent whose final case might give him a second chance at life.

Nick’s face appeared above her, blocking the stars. “Are you going to pass out?”

She laughed and sat back up, nearly bowling him over. “No. Are you?”

He stared at her for a long time. “I think I already did.”

“Well, stop looking at me and look up. We’re here because I promised Pops I’d come here now and again to get my head straight.”

“That will take a lot of visits,” he quipped, then leaned back on his elbows.

“It’s a good thing you’re a guest and I have to be polite to you,” she said.

But Nick had gone quiet, his eyes on the stars.

“Amazing isn’t it?” she said.

He made a noise of assent.

“You should see this meadow in early summer when the rest of the stars show up.”

Nick looked at her. “The rest of the stars?”

“The ones that fly,” Grace said, smiling at the memory. “Pops caught me coming in one summer evening with a mason jar absolutely full of fireflies. I had punched holes in the top and felt as if I had my own personal lantern. I’m sure the fireflies felt differently about it.”

“Did your Pops tell you to let them go?”

“Pops never told us to do anything. Pops told stories. We had to figure out what they meant.”

Meet Donna
My name is DONNA JUNE COOPER and my debut novel, More Than Magic, has just been published this month by Samhain Publishing. I write contemporary paranormal romance with a very subdued and special magic and a definite emphasis on the romance. More Than Magic is the first book in the Books of the Kindling which focus on Woodruff Mountain, the ancient power beneath it, and the family that has hidden its secrets for centuries.

I love being walked by my Jack Russell Terrier (if you know Jacks, you understand). I also love belly dancing (excellent exercise and lots of shiny costumes), going to Renaissance Faires (more costumes!), reading way too much (romance, of course), spending time on too many social networking sites, and writing, writing, writing because I must!

Connect with Donna
Facebook  |   Twitter  |  Goodreads  |  Pinterest  |  Website

Win with Donna
Enter for a chance to win one of three copies of MORE THAN MAGIC, Books of the Kindling, Book 1.

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Do You Write or Like Smut? @smuttersuk

Here's an opportunity for authors to promote and for readers to find new talent.

A Year of Smut
2014 is the Year of Smut, and we are celebrating with a different author each day & lots of prizes to be won over at


If you would like to write or promote your book on the blog go to
There are also opportunities for other ways to promote yourself and your books.


For readers if you want to read smut or find out about smut authors, go to
Follow them on twitter  at

Here's to a year of Smut.

Hope you enjoy,

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Putting Your Butt in the Chair

To achieve any goal you have to make a commitment.

The biggest for me is putting my butt in the chair. If I'm sitting in my office, then I'll work. It might not be on a story, but it will be on something that advances my career. Whether that is working on the internet, setting up interviews, writing other people or developing characters, it is working toward my ultimate goal of being a best selling author.

I guess hours of fun loving sex isn't enough to write a hot erotica.

Boy, do I wish it were.

Instead, you have to spend time at your desk hammering out the frustration on the keyboard.

Guess, it's time for a break,


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Some Love for Black Dragon's Blood by @anitaphilmar

Thought I'd give a little love to my first erotica

Black Dragon's Blood


Amanda Spencer had spent years searching for clues to her first husband's murder. Now, she was close, too close to let William VanHorn get in the way. He wanted to claim her as his wife, but she didn't have time to satisfy the man's needs. She wanted answers not sex.

Set on fire by Amanda, William wouldn't let the lady escape. If she wanted answers, he'd get them. As head of the Dragon Center, he had connections and nothing would stop him from capturing her heart.

“A woman with your level of dragon blood needs a man, needs to have his children.” His strong hand circled her forearm. She sensed the heavy pulse of his blood beating against her tender skin.

“Not a possibility, William, even if I did agree to marry you.” She tugged her arm from his grasp. “I’ve been married twice. In neither case did I have a child. With you, it would be no different.”

His eyes narrowed to slits. “Are you telling me you’re unable to bear children?”

“You’re an intelligent man, William. What do you think?”

“Your father didn’t tell me this.”

“Yes, well, why would he? It would have been counterproductive to his plan, wouldn’t it?” The angry tightening of his jaw told Amanda she’d gained her freedom.

Stepping around him, she slid the door open on the metal railing and stood for a moment staring at his back. Other more pressing business required her attention. If she was lucky, she could get home, pack and get out of town before William picked up her trail again.

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