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Needing Inspiration to Go the Home Stretch of NaNo

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Welcome Today's Guest - Minnette Meador

Waves of black lust filled her, but she knew the emotion belonged to Tequelin. He tightened his grip and took her ear lobe into his mouth, biting it. Pain radiated down her arm mixed with a kind of desire that drenched her.
“I smell your need,” he whispered in her ear.
“No!” she growled through her teeth.
In a swift move, he whirled her around and buried his face in her neck. His teeth and hot tongue sent ribbons of electricity pulsing through her body. His hands were iron on her upper arms.
Belle. The name in her head burned away her defiance.
Passion moved over her skin in waves of wanton need, charging her with a craving that threatened to obscure her reason. She suddenly ached to succumb to his touch, offer her body to his hands and his mouth, bathe in his desire. Every fiery touch from his mouth stiffened his hold on her.
I want you. Open yourself to me.
The compelling tones of his thoughts were overcoming her resistance. She knew she had to do something before her body surrendered to him. The seduction made her weak, stole her resolve. Another few minutes and her strength would collapse. Sighs of pleasure leaked from her lips.
He entwined her hair in one hand and pulled her head back to examine her face. The large eyes were almost midnight now, shaded by growing black pupils. She could feel his lust quivering against her skin. Belle had never been more terrified. – The Belle Stalker – Chapter Forty-Eight


I’m told I write a pretty mean sex scene (since I think we’re all adults here, I’ve put two examples down below, so keep reading). That always tickles me because actually, I don’t know if it’s the sex or the seduction people like. It has been stated, and quite correctly, I think, that sex has no substance without love. I agree with that statement. But I will take it one step further; sex has no juice without seduction.

Sex takes place in (let’s be realistic here) about thirty minutes. Seduction can go on for days. That’s what I think makes for a satisfying sex scene, so I’ve created a pseudo formula for it: # of hours of successful seduction x the amount of frustration + the number of times fire is sparked x # of hours of actually sexual contact = decree of satisfaction. I think it would read something like this:

___ HSS x ___% F + ___Hot x ___HASC = ____% Hubba, Hubba

If a writer is doing her job, she should have you so horny by the time the hero and heroine finally get together that you’re standing up on the end of the bed whipping your panties around your head, jumping up and down and screaming to your frightened husband, “Do you wanna?” Now that’s the mark of a true genius. I honestly think the longer the seduction (and/or foreplay, if you’d like) the greater the satisfaction in the end. Some of my favorite books have been hundreds of pages of foreplay leading to that final climax. But for me, the seduction has to be hot, full of innuendos and double entendres, a little humor (i.e. missed chances, interruptions at inopportune times, misunderstandings, wardrobe failures, and possibly even malfunctioning equipment), a lot of resistance, and finally that no holds barred, clash of the titans, bells ringing, birds singing sex scene. Don’t know if I have that exactly right yet, but it takes practice and precise choreography. My poor husband. ~shakes head~

So how about you? When do you like to see the hero and heroine knock socks together? Early in the story, in the middle, or towards the end? Or do you like all those options? Would you rather she be gently seduced for hours or thrown on the bed and ravished? Do you want him rough and powerful, or sweet and patient? Or maybe sweet and rough? Make sure to leave a comment if you want to win today’s prize: a free 10-page critique of your own sex scene… or, for you non-writers, a copy of THE BELLE STALKER.

An Urban Fantasy Thriller
by Minnette Meador

The police have done all they can, but it isn’t enough. When Belle finds the mutilated body of her lover strewn across the furniture she knows only her ex-husband, Homicide Detective Mike Cranston can stop the maniac who has been dogging her steps for over a year. The only problem is the man who stalks her...is not a man at all. Belle plays a dangerous game and only hopes that Cranston can stop the monster before it’s too late.

Oh, here are those scenes I promised… ~wicked grin~

…and need I repeat, ADULT CONTENT… :o)

Belle reached for him, but he grabbed her wrists and twisted his lips into what he hoped was his most devious smile. Her blush deepened followed by a twinge of anger. But this was one dance Cranston knew very well.

Without missing a beat, he moved her hands above her head and held both wrists together with one hand. Straddling her hips, he lowered his body to hover above her, careful to let only one part of it touch her.

His cock rested gently on her belly, and her ensuing quiver went through him like a drug. The beat of her heart pulsed against the muscle, and Cranston had to find a deep reserve of discipline to control his urges.

Slowly, deliberately, he leaned forward and began to kiss her face, lick her neck and shoulders. With each new application of pressure, Belle squirmed under him. The skin touching his lips was hot and yielding, velvety against his rough tongue.

When he reached her breasts, he stopped, admiring the granite hard brown nipples and dark areolas. Belle’s chest rose, obviously frantic for his mouth, but he didn’t touch her. Instead, he looked into her eyes and smiled.

“Greedy girl.”

“You bastard,” she said good-naturedly.

In reply, Cranston pursed his lips and began to blow on her right nipple. The creamy areola immediately broke out in large bumps, the rough dark nipple grew in size, and Belle let out a startled gasp. This was something new, and a wave of satisfaction plowed through Cranston. He knew Belle would love it.

Moving to the other side, Cranston repeated the motion and Belle’s hips bucked under him, burying his cock into the skin of her stomach. He lifted it from her, and she groaned.

“Patience, princess.”

She hissed angrily through her teeth, and Cranston laughed. Letting go of her hands, he bent down again and licked the soft skin around her nipple, careful not to touch it. Then, without warning, he pulled the tiny bud into his mouth and bit it gently.

Belle exploded beneath him. Her body jumped involuntarily, and Cranston could feel the earthquake of her need ripple through him. He decided to torture her further.

Now going back and forth between them, he licked, bit and sucked each nipple until they were as hard as steel. Belle squeezed the sheets with her hands on each pass and finally lifted her head.

“I want you in my mouth.” Her voice was husky, ardent.


The apparition put her hands out to her sides and floated above him. Sliding her mouth in a slow, even progression, she moved down his shaft until it disappeared into her throat. Keenan could feel it give way to his engorged muscle. His hips, suddenly free, moved to her rhythm, and she let him thrust his cock deep into her throat. It was incredible.

The apparition finally moved away from him, sticking out a long tongue that wrapped around his cock twice. If it wasn’t so erotic, he probably would have been scared shitless, but the thought didn’t even enter his mind; Keenan knew he was too far-gone by then.

Bringing a breast to his mouth, she ran a swollen nipple against his lips until it pushed them open. Keenan didn’t hesitate. He pulled the long bud into his mouth and sucked it forcefully, biting it from time to time, and running his tongue over the rough skin. The sensation of that warm flesh in his mouth sent shivers down both arms. He ached to touch her, but his arms were lead weights at his sides.

She pulled the nipple from his teeth and settled her knees on either side of his hips. Lifting up on her haunches, she forced his cock to lay flat against his stomach then slid the soft petals of her pussy along it all the way to his balls, saturating them with moisture. Keenan wasn’t certain, but he could have sworn her pussy lips were squeezing them. She moved up to the head of his cock and slowly widened them with his shaft. She was soaking wet.

Careful not to take him inside her, she rubbed the soft folds of hot flesh up and down, slowly, back and forth, all the while squeezing her nipples and wrapping that long tongue around them one at a time.

A soft distant moan sounded everywhere at once inside Keenan’s bedroom, as if the room itself sighed in pleasure. In a split second, he saw her eyes; they were black opals shining in the dark, but they clouded over immediately. – A GHOST OF A CHANCE, CHAPTER TWO

Thank you, Minnette,

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Enjoy Your Day Shopping

The biggest shopping day of the year,

If you are out - hope you find everything you are looking for,


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A Pizza Kind of Day

Have you ever wanted pizza on Thanksgiving Day?

Hope you get to eat what ever you want.

Happy Turkey Day,


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In 1883 - Standard Time was adopted throughout the U.S.

Now what time would you make it if you could play with time?


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Excerpt from Black Dragon's Heart

Jake released Sarah’s wrists and crowded her against the wall of their bedroom. He nuzzled her throat and rubbed his lips over the fast beat of her pulse. “Easy, Sarah. I’m not using my cuff today, though the very idea has your blood screaming through your veins.”

His hands shifted to the creamy swell of her breasts. He toyed with the rose tips and stroked his thumbs over her nipples until they both hardened into cherry buds. She moaned, and his mouth watered with anticipation of sucking on the tasty treat of dragon candy.

No doubt clouded his mind. She loved him.

“Jake, where does dragon serum come from?” Sarah shoved her hands against his chest.

He licked his lips. How could she talk when he wanted only to sample her heat?


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James Garner's New Book

At 83, James Garner pulls no punches in this candid account of his acting career.

On my to read list.


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Slowcooker (Crockpot) Hot Fudge Cake

Hot Fudge Cake

1 c. all-purpose flour

1/2 c. sugar (or Splenda)

2 Tlb. cocoa

2 tsp. baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

1/2 c. milk

2 Tbl. vegetable oil

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 c. chopped nuts (optional)

3/4 c. brown sugar

1/4 c. cocoa

1-1/2 c. hot water

1. Spray or grease inside of crockpot.

2. Mix first 5 ingredients together in a bowl. 3. Add in next 3 ingredients. (And nuts)

4. Spread batter evenly in bottom of 5 qt. slowercooker (crockpot).

5. Mix in seperate bowl, brown sugar & 1/4 c. cocoa, then add hot water, stirring until smooth. Then pour on top of batter.

6. Cover cooker and cook on high 2 to 2-1/2 hrs (until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean)

7. Turn off cooker, leave lid off, and let sit 45 min to cool.

8. Spoon warm cake into bowls and spoon sauce over top.

Goes great with a scoop of ice cream.

A Wicked Wolf

by Brenda Williamson

ISBN: 9781603105590

Available from Red Sage Publishing


Real Estate agent Randi Brown works the rich crowd, selling high-priced homes. With her parents dead it’s up to her to financially support two teenage siblings and she wants to spread her wings by negotiating a billion dollar land deal. Only the landowner, a business mogul no one has seen in years isn’t interested in selling his mountain to a development corporation, and Randi sets out to change his mind any way possible, even if that means sleeping with the reclusive billionaire.

After two years, since his wife’s brutal murder, Nicholas "Nick" Wolfe prefers to mourn her than get involved in business. So he lives cut off from society on Wolfe Mountain. Through his attorney, he’s offered billions, but no one knows to what extent the value of the land is more than the inhabitants—the Lycans, human wolf-like animal shifters.

When Randi shows up on the mountain one rainy night, Nick tires to fight the desires of the wolf in him to take a mate. Unfortunately, nature has made it impossible to resist the animalistic urges strengthened by the influence of a full moon and the power of lust in this woman’s eyes. Can love know no bounds?

Randi has no idea of where this torrid affair can lead until she learns the gruesome details of a woman’s murder by a creature not quite human. Then she becomes the next target and she discovers how falling in love can lead to a fatal attack from a Lycan.


For minutes, he lavished her with kisses. His mouth moved firmer against hers, and his body rubbed hers faster, more insistently. When he stopped, she dared to open her eyes.

He was looking up. She did too.

From the open crossbeams, dried herbs dangled from tied silk ribbons. He let go of her wrist and reached up. She should have lowered her arm, but to move meant to chance breaking the spell.

She watched him tug one ribbon, untying a cluster that fell to the floor. The clean scent of lavender burst from the bouquet. She stared at the other bundles. Had he collected them? They couldn’t be for cooking since his refrigerator was bare.

When J.R. looped and tied the ribbon around her wrist, he jerked her thoughts from the idyllic illusion of everything going smoothly in her business acquisition and her sexual encounter.

“What are you doing?” Her words rattled free.

With the yellow silk strip snug, he drew her arm to the side and fastened the opposite end to the cabinet door knob. As much as she enjoyed aggressively passionate sex in all positions, she’d never been into real bondage.

“I’m not sure I like being restrained.” She tipped her head back and watched him retrieve another ribbon.

“You will.” He tied a blue strip of silk to her free wrist and fastened it to another cabinet knob.

Now was the time to protest and fight the binds, or surrender. He leaned against her, sniffing at her neck, then licking it. She felt its throbbing vein pulsing rapidly against the stimulation. He had more control than she normally allowed a guy. He caressed her jaw with the back of his hand. Did she want him to stop? What would she give up?

His stare into her eyes suggested she’d miss out the hottest sex of her life. The smoldering lust was more than she could resist. There was no turning back—no buckling under to convention. His hypnotizing brown eyes had command over her, and she waited, a captive audience.

His gaze didn’t leave hers as he raised her shirt. She breathed harder, feeling the light touch of his hands running up her sides and over her breasts. He fingered her nipples, rolling them around with his thumbs. They stiffened and ached from the repeated pawing. Then he stopped and stroked her sides. Intense warmth spread, prickling her skin. Goosebumps dotted her arms and shoulders.

His quiet intensity fascinated her. With one hand controlling her Tee shirt, his other took a more serious possession of her left breast. He turned his hand over and brushed his knuckles against the tip. Then grasping it between a finger and his thumb, he pinched it. The fiery sting zinged her to her core.

A moan escaped her.

She closed her eyes and tipped her head back.

“More,” she begged, loving the way the pleasurable pain jarred her nerves.

And yet he didn’t give her what she wanted. Instead, he took his hands away, and the soft cotton of the shirt she wore slid down over her inflamed nipples.

He raised his arm and his fingers neared her face. She sensed regret in his light touch to her jaw. Turning her cheek to his palm, she pleaded with him to continue. “Don’t stop.”

He looked at her strangely, as if what she asked was unusual and daring. His eyes were flickering with other colors, reflections from somewhere in the room kept her spellbound. There she hung, bound to the cabinet doors, and all she wanted to think about was could he make her want him more?

His other hand took a place on the opposite side of her neck. He petted lightly over her pulse, beating beneath the skin. The slow strokes lulled her senses, calming her all over. She closed her eyes, enjoying the caress that moved into a massage of her shoulders. It felt good, relaxing. And then he grabbed the Tee shirt's frayed collar and ripped it down the front, jerking her whole body forward.

Shocked out of her false tranquility, her lashes flew up as she gasped. Mild alarm made her tense as she bounced against the counter from J.R.’s jerking to tear the shirt completely open. Her heart rate quickened. She breathed heavier, stunned by his sudden aggression. A dark edginess fringed his expression as he looked hungrily at her breasts.

She glanced down at her nipples, ruby spiked points jutting in eagerness. J.R.’s long fingers folded around her swollen flesh. He lifted one breast higher then the other as if he weighed each to be sure he had the heavier, more deserving one.

He bent down and licked her taut nipple. She watched his tongue swish and cool the burning flesh. In a frenzy of ecstatic joy, she rolled her head from side to side against the cabinet with whispered moans for more. She arched, shoving her chest toward him. His bathing licks and suckling lips were the sweetest kind of torture. The coarseness of his tongue abraded her flesh, heating every sensitive nerve in her. The cut of his teeth when he nipped the tender tip of her breast came close to making her scream. His withdrawal left her unharmed. Then he did it all again. His mouth swung away sooner than she expected, faster than she wanted, and a frustrated whine slipped out of her. She wanted the moment to last forever.

His kisses journeyed along her collarbone and swept up the side of her neck. “You taste good.” His words whispered around her ear. “I want to devour every inch of you.”

“Yes.” She panted, encouraging him by repeating her total agreement. “Yes, every inch.”

He cupped her jaw and turned her head. His lips crept along. She twisted to catch his kiss on her mouth. Oddly, he avoided the place she desired to feel his tantalizing breath.

His hands left her body without warning. He pulled a red handkerchief from his back pocket and spun it several times folding it to a strip. She drew back as he lifted it to her eyes.

“Is that for me?” she asked, not sure how far she wanted to let him dominate her.

A wicked grin was his only answer.

This wasn’t a position she should be in with a stranger and she debated telling him. No, she didn’t want to play this game. The words stayed on the tip of her tongue as he leaned against her to tie the blindfold around her head. His hard body pressed hers, and she lost focus on her concerns. Her breasts flattened against him. She whimpered. Desire to have mind-blowing sex overpowered reason.

Then the blindfold went on. She wasn’t sure how to handle the unsettling mix of apprehension and anticipation, but she felt another burst of fear. He was a stranger and she was giving him total control.

Thanks Brenda for stopping by and sharing

New Review from Let's Talk Romance

Weaving words that do not disappoint, Texas Passion is a must read for all who love the country, Texas and a strong storyline.

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