Thursday, March 29, 2012

Remember not to take Your Lover for Granted

Just like when we were little kids if you hear your mother say clean up your room a thousand times you begin not to pay attention to the chatter.

In a way the same things happens in a relationship. Every morning before walking out the door, you lover says I love you.

You're in a rush to get on your shoes so you repeat the phrase and the words have little importance.

Luckily, I have a wonderful guy who usually stops my headlong flight into closet by grabbing my arm and repeating the words with a quick kiss.

That extra little move helps me remember how truly wonderful he is.

So if your feeling as if you've been taking your lover for granted do something special for him, like pausing for a second to give him a special wink or a light caress.

Just let him know you care.

And if you are feeling like he's taking you for granted. Make him pause for a moment by saying something other than I love you.

"I want to jump your bones," might work and you'll find out if he/her is listening.

Have a great day, full of fun, love and sex.

Anita Philmar

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