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Featured Guest - Stormy Knight

Tells us what your hero. 

What does he looks like?

Here's the heroine, Jocelyn's description:

The man was one gorgeous hunk. Huge chocolate brown eyes stared at her through a face that was slightly irregular, but sculpted. It was the kind of face that made women weak at the knees and men respect his presence. His body was almost body-builder perfect and his height towered over her stately five-nine frame. In fact he was perfect, but he had broken through all her defenses. He was uncomfortably close and she’d decided that if she were going to keep her sanity and him as a friend he was best relegated to the role of confidant.

What is his job?
Royce Quarterman is a business entrepreneur, owning an enterprise that sells specialty food items.

Who did you model him after?
Royce is a combination of all of the best and most annoying mannerisms I've noticed about former boyfriends I have had.

What is best trait? worst?
His best traits are unending patience and tenderness. But he can be blunt and if he reaches his boiling point, he can be rash and live to regret it.

Let's read an excerpt -
Turning as he approached, Jocelyn took her glass from him. “Thank you, Royce.” She leaned into him and smelled a whiff of clean, enticing men’s cologne and her knees went weak. There was absolutely no way she was going to fall apart and start coming on to him. He was staying a good friend, end of story, damn it. That meant making sure he knew he was not on her menu and others had potential. It would be best for her to let him know she was interested in sex with somebody who was here.

She combed the room for a target. “Royce, come over here.” Jerking on his free arm, she led him away from her friends to a spot halfway across the room. Then she motioned to her right. “See the man over there, the one with the single steak if silver in his black hair?”

Royce squinted in that general direction. “You mean the one with the hawk nose?”

She glanced up at Royce and noticed not only that his eyes had narrowed, but his mouth was in a thin line as he glared at the guy. She shook her head. “It looks more sleek and aristocratic to me.”

Royce let out a short grunt. “I guess to you it doesn’t appear as large as it really is because his chin is so pointed. You’d be shocked if you saw him close up.”

She took a deep breath. Royce wasn’t making this easy. “Could you just go over and strike up a conversation and suggest he join us?”
He smirked. “For crying out loud, Jocelyn, you don’t want to meet that clown. Kramer is a pain in the ass butthead of a bore lawyer.”

“You know him?”

He nodded. “His name is Alistair Kramer. The guy graduated with me at UVa.”

“Great! So, asking him to join is won’t seem unusual. You two were probably both in that gentlemen’s fraternity, we’re you?”

He shook his head. “I was President of what they called the Animal House. Don’t know if that loon streaked in front of the rotunda or what he did, other than bore everyone to death. Trust me when I say that if you met him, you’d be snoring in five minutes.”

“You’re supposed to be helping me. We had a deal.”

“I didn’t agree to introduce you to a loser. Just because he’s worth a lot is no reason to meet the man, much less have sex with him.”
Her interest was now piqued. “Great hair and money too, eh? Good deal.” Jocelyn crossed her arms. “Look, you may think he’s boring, but I doubt he’ll be talking law if we go out. I do have a way of changing the subject. He’ll be pulling off his tie in that same five minutes.”

“The guy probably wears the thing to bed.”

Jocelyn rolled her eyes. “Tell me the truth, what’s wrong with him really? Does he have some physical handicap? Can’t he get it up?”

Royce frowned. “Pardon me, but we haven’t discussed Viagra if that’s what you mean.”

Jocelyn shrugged. “Look, unless you’re aware of something that would make me gasp in disgust, get over there and bring him back. He doesn’t look like he’s missing any crucial parts and as long as it goes north and stays hard, who cares?” She winced at her own words. A little crass, but that should get her point across.

His mouth dropped open. “I can’t believe even you said that. You seem so normal until you get on the subject of intercourse. Tell me Jocelyn, are you only interested in his unit? If that’s the case, I’m sure I can find a great dildo for you to play with. Then you won’t have to worry about somebody shooting him right after you climax.”

She stepped back at the shock of his words. Okay, she deserved it. Better not stop the frontal attack until she got to the goal. She shook her head. “Not the same thing. Stop stalling Royce. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear you didn’t want me to find anyone.” She watched as he zoned in on her eyes and his own flared with heat. Her panties got wetter and all she wanted to do was jump him. This was dangerous.

“Live up to your part of the deal. Go retrieve my new stud.”

His face looked like it was chiseled out of granite. His fists were balled at his side. For one second, she wasn’t sure if he would come out swinging.

“Fine, Jocelyn, go ahead and screw up again. Just don’t come running back to me to bail you out.” As he moved forward, his cell phone rung. “Hello? Chai-Li? Whoa, whoa. Slow down. What’s wrong? Jesus, stop crying. Is Charlie okay? He what?” He froze in obvious shock. “I’ll be right there.” He punched off on his cell and stared back at Jocelyn. “I have to go. I just got a call. My partner’s dead.”

Jocelyn Trainer was getting bed shy. The last two men she’d bedded died minutes afterwards. Through both dilemmas, she’d leaned on Royce Quarterman, her HOT next door neighbor, and now found herself with a huge problem. How could she ask the man to help find her a sex partner when she wanted him to be it? And why did murder have to interfere?

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