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Welcome Today's Guest - Minnette Meador

Waves of black lust filled her, but she knew the emotion belonged to Tequelin. He tightened his grip and took her ear lobe into his mouth, biting it. Pain radiated down her arm mixed with a kind of desire that drenched her.
“I smell your need,” he whispered in her ear.
“No!” she growled through her teeth.
In a swift move, he whirled her around and buried his face in her neck. His teeth and hot tongue sent ribbons of electricity pulsing through her body. His hands were iron on her upper arms.
Belle. The name in her head burned away her defiance.
Passion moved over her skin in waves of wanton need, charging her with a craving that threatened to obscure her reason. She suddenly ached to succumb to his touch, offer her body to his hands and his mouth, bathe in his desire. Every fiery touch from his mouth stiffened his hold on her.
I want you. Open yourself to me.
The compelling tones of his thoughts were overcoming her resistance. She knew she had to do something before her body surrendered to him. The seduction made her weak, stole her resolve. Another few minutes and her strength would collapse. Sighs of pleasure leaked from her lips.
He entwined her hair in one hand and pulled her head back to examine her face. The large eyes were almost midnight now, shaded by growing black pupils. She could feel his lust quivering against her skin. Belle had never been more terrified. – The Belle Stalker – Chapter Forty-Eight


I’m told I write a pretty mean sex scene (since I think we’re all adults here, I’ve put two examples down below, so keep reading). That always tickles me because actually, I don’t know if it’s the sex or the seduction people like. It has been stated, and quite correctly, I think, that sex has no substance without love. I agree with that statement. But I will take it one step further; sex has no juice without seduction.

Sex takes place in (let’s be realistic here) about thirty minutes. Seduction can go on for days. That’s what I think makes for a satisfying sex scene, so I’ve created a pseudo formula for it: # of hours of successful seduction x the amount of frustration + the number of times fire is sparked x # of hours of actually sexual contact = decree of satisfaction. I think it would read something like this:

___ HSS x ___% F + ___Hot x ___HASC = ____% Hubba, Hubba

If a writer is doing her job, she should have you so horny by the time the hero and heroine finally get together that you’re standing up on the end of the bed whipping your panties around your head, jumping up and down and screaming to your frightened husband, “Do you wanna?” Now that’s the mark of a true genius. I honestly think the longer the seduction (and/or foreplay, if you’d like) the greater the satisfaction in the end. Some of my favorite books have been hundreds of pages of foreplay leading to that final climax. But for me, the seduction has to be hot, full of innuendos and double entendres, a little humor (i.e. missed chances, interruptions at inopportune times, misunderstandings, wardrobe failures, and possibly even malfunctioning equipment), a lot of resistance, and finally that no holds barred, clash of the titans, bells ringing, birds singing sex scene. Don’t know if I have that exactly right yet, but it takes practice and precise choreography. My poor husband. ~shakes head~

So how about you? When do you like to see the hero and heroine knock socks together? Early in the story, in the middle, or towards the end? Or do you like all those options? Would you rather she be gently seduced for hours or thrown on the bed and ravished? Do you want him rough and powerful, or sweet and patient? Or maybe sweet and rough? Make sure to leave a comment if you want to win today’s prize: a free 10-page critique of your own sex scene… or, for you non-writers, a copy of THE BELLE STALKER.

An Urban Fantasy Thriller
by Minnette Meador

The police have done all they can, but it isn’t enough. When Belle finds the mutilated body of her lover strewn across the furniture she knows only her ex-husband, Homicide Detective Mike Cranston can stop the maniac who has been dogging her steps for over a year. The only problem is the man who stalks her...is not a man at all. Belle plays a dangerous game and only hopes that Cranston can stop the monster before it’s too late.

Oh, here are those scenes I promised… ~wicked grin~

…and need I repeat, ADULT CONTENT… :o)

Belle reached for him, but he grabbed her wrists and twisted his lips into what he hoped was his most devious smile. Her blush deepened followed by a twinge of anger. But this was one dance Cranston knew very well.

Without missing a beat, he moved her hands above her head and held both wrists together with one hand. Straddling her hips, he lowered his body to hover above her, careful to let only one part of it touch her.

His cock rested gently on her belly, and her ensuing quiver went through him like a drug. The beat of her heart pulsed against the muscle, and Cranston had to find a deep reserve of discipline to control his urges.

Slowly, deliberately, he leaned forward and began to kiss her face, lick her neck and shoulders. With each new application of pressure, Belle squirmed under him. The skin touching his lips was hot and yielding, velvety against his rough tongue.

When he reached her breasts, he stopped, admiring the granite hard brown nipples and dark areolas. Belle’s chest rose, obviously frantic for his mouth, but he didn’t touch her. Instead, he looked into her eyes and smiled.

“Greedy girl.”

“You bastard,” she said good-naturedly.

In reply, Cranston pursed his lips and began to blow on her right nipple. The creamy areola immediately broke out in large bumps, the rough dark nipple grew in size, and Belle let out a startled gasp. This was something new, and a wave of satisfaction plowed through Cranston. He knew Belle would love it.

Moving to the other side, Cranston repeated the motion and Belle’s hips bucked under him, burying his cock into the skin of her stomach. He lifted it from her, and she groaned.

“Patience, princess.”

She hissed angrily through her teeth, and Cranston laughed. Letting go of her hands, he bent down again and licked the soft skin around her nipple, careful not to touch it. Then, without warning, he pulled the tiny bud into his mouth and bit it gently.

Belle exploded beneath him. Her body jumped involuntarily, and Cranston could feel the earthquake of her need ripple through him. He decided to torture her further.

Now going back and forth between them, he licked, bit and sucked each nipple until they were as hard as steel. Belle squeezed the sheets with her hands on each pass and finally lifted her head.

“I want you in my mouth.” Her voice was husky, ardent.


The apparition put her hands out to her sides and floated above him. Sliding her mouth in a slow, even progression, she moved down his shaft until it disappeared into her throat. Keenan could feel it give way to his engorged muscle. His hips, suddenly free, moved to her rhythm, and she let him thrust his cock deep into her throat. It was incredible.

The apparition finally moved away from him, sticking out a long tongue that wrapped around his cock twice. If it wasn’t so erotic, he probably would have been scared shitless, but the thought didn’t even enter his mind; Keenan knew he was too far-gone by then.

Bringing a breast to his mouth, she ran a swollen nipple against his lips until it pushed them open. Keenan didn’t hesitate. He pulled the long bud into his mouth and sucked it forcefully, biting it from time to time, and running his tongue over the rough skin. The sensation of that warm flesh in his mouth sent shivers down both arms. He ached to touch her, but his arms were lead weights at his sides.

She pulled the nipple from his teeth and settled her knees on either side of his hips. Lifting up on her haunches, she forced his cock to lay flat against his stomach then slid the soft petals of her pussy along it all the way to his balls, saturating them with moisture. Keenan wasn’t certain, but he could have sworn her pussy lips were squeezing them. She moved up to the head of his cock and slowly widened them with his shaft. She was soaking wet.

Careful not to take him inside her, she rubbed the soft folds of hot flesh up and down, slowly, back and forth, all the while squeezing her nipples and wrapping that long tongue around them one at a time.

A soft distant moan sounded everywhere at once inside Keenan’s bedroom, as if the room itself sighed in pleasure. In a split second, he saw her eyes; they were black opals shining in the dark, but they clouded over immediately. – A GHOST OF A CHANCE, CHAPTER TWO

Thank you, Minnette,

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  1. This book sounds great Minnette. I can't wait to read it. A kindle too? Wow- Merry Christmas!

    your1chef at aol dot com

  2. Good morning all! We had such a wonderful day today I stay up too late last night! ~yawn~ Hope you like today's post... Don't forget to leave a comment for today's chance to win a prize. Also, here are the links for the book if you'd like to buy it. Just cut and paste: AMAZON: http://tinyurl.com/18r (Kindle)
    B&N: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/THE-BELLE-STALKER?keyword=THE+BELLE+STALKER&store=ebook (Nook)
    RESPLENDENCE: http://www.resplendencepublishing.com/m8/381-200-103-422-5--the-belle-stalker-by-minnette-meador.html (FOR OTHER EBOOK FORMATS)

  3. Good morning, Christine! Thanks for coming over. Yep, a Kindle too!

  4. Wow! What a way to start off the morning! Hot doggies Minnette!!!!

  5. Whoa..a little *HOT* for work. Thanks Minnette!

  6. good morning Minnette, Thanks so much for stop by my blog. You have one hot book.

  7. That was.... HOT!!!

    That being said, I prefer a patient hero who has a rough a ready side but also has hidden qualities of kindness. In other words he has to be as complicated as his girl.

    Keep up the great work Minnette!


  8. WOW...talk about hot stuff! Double Wow! And I'm still laughing over your formula and the comments following it! I think you should write your own sex manual and make sure every young man gets a copy. Not enough men understand the seduction vs sex thing...and that's really too bad. There'd be a lot more happy people in this world if they did. Now, when I read my comment over, I discover I'm not very PC...make that 'give a copy to every man AND woman'. After all, a woman can do the seducing too, right?

    I tend to agree with you about sex in books. I don't like to read a sex scene on every other page when there is no real basis for it and it doesn't have substance. If the seduction goes on for chapters and chapters, it is more rewarding to read the final big scene!

  9. I like stories where it takes a while before the couple get together and the hero is rough but patient.Your books sound great, I'm definitely reading them!

  10. Wow sounds like a book I MUST read.

    Thank you for the wonderful contest to

    rwhit_99 at Yahoo dot com

  11. I like reading stories, where there is seduction, a buildup to where the characters come together with big fireworks!

  12. I would prefer the characters "knock socks" as you say, at the end of the book but I would also choose both thrown on the bed and ravished and then gently seduced.

  13. I came to stalk you again Minnette! *giggles* I like my sex scene's in the middle and end I think. Sweet, yet seductive and powerful. ravished yet tortured. Reading that for some reason just satisfies me for some reason. Your sex scenes are awesome Minnette.

  14. I love your enthusiasm for writing sex - clearly you are in the right/write job!
    I used to think writing sex was a trial but recently I've become a lot more comfortable about it. I write historical romance and because of the social moires it's not always appropriate to have a sex scene early on. My WIP has the consummation scene as a the last chapter - it feels so right for the book - and it gives me the challenge of keeping the sexual tension high through out the read.
    kind regards, Grace x
    Grace (dot) elliot (at) virginmedia (dot) com

    PS I'd LOVE a critique - pretty please xXx

  15. Wow! Some great comments this morning... to all: I did try to warn you that the scene were a tad toasty! LOL

    Hi, April! I love your "hot doggies"! So adorable...

    Lynn - I would say a bit hot for work. How long did you blush for? I remember once opening my email at work and someone had sent me a picture of a very hot guy with little to no clothes on. One of my co-worked walked right behind me, stopped and said, "Dear God! He has no clothes on." She smiled and then said, "Is that your husband?" Without missing a beat I replied, "Who else could it be?" All she said was, "Nice." and walked away.

    Hi, Anita! Thanks so much for having us over today! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your site! Everyone, make sure to join/follow/stalk this wonderful blog. Some fabulous articles!

    Oh, Tiana - You know it gets hotter. Just a warm up. I love that too... kindness to me is essential. I didn't feel that way when I was younger, much to my dismay. Not until I married my DH almost 20 years ago did all of it fall into place for me. I LOVE my DH. ~sigh~

    Thanks, Karen! It was such a blast writing this article. I always like talking about relationships whether their physical, emotional, or... other. Actually, I think women are better at seduction than men. They read body language better, I think. I usually have only 2-3 sex scenes in my romances, and I love building up to them. Slow and steady, etc.

    Hi, Cheralyn! Me too. I like aggression with compassion and I think I build that into my heroes. I don't want them TOO polite!

    Hi, Bama! You need to get into the discussions, girl! LOL :o)

    You are more than welcome, Robin. I really hope you get a chance to read it!

    Hi, Jean P - Amen!

    I like the way you think, Laura! You want it all! LOL

    Hi, Yami - So glad you could come back! I love powerful too... especially where it's forbidden and the couple just can't help themselves, then police society be damned! Thanks so much for the compliment. I hope they work.

    I'm with you, Grace... At first I was really afraid to write them since I thought I'd mess them up somehow or write nothing but purple prose (...his throbbing member ... he held his man root). To be honest I subscribed to an erotic story site to get some "pointers" and it really opened my eyes. There are some very good writers over there! I'll keep my fingers crossed for for the critique!

  16. lol I don't have a story that needs to have... lol:)

  17. Oh wow! What excerpts! I loved them! Personally I like the love scenes to come more at the end of the story, if they jump into bed to early it ruins the whole mood. I love all of it though, the gentle seduction or the ravishing and sweet and rough sounds great to me!
    I wish I was to the sex scene part of the book I'm working on so that you could critique it if I win, but sadly I can't seem to get there lol.
    Ashley A

  18. Yes, I agree. Forbidden is just that more enticing. xD;; Its just really wonderful.

  19. Oh yeah, I love all those options. The sexual chemistry and seduction can be the best part of a story, and I love that build up to a fabulous love scene.

    caity_mack at yahoo dot com

  20. My answer is all the above! I love the mixture; it makes the story exciting.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  21. Hi Minnette,
    i think it depends on the book, as long as it is in character for the hero/heroine then i am fine with either way. i don't like it when they act in a way that would not seem natural to them. i have read other author books that did this and it took me right out of the story.


  22. For me, it depends on the book, how the characters are drawn, etc. But I do think that if a sex scene happens early in a book, the author better be kick-ass at writing sexual tension :-) :-) :-) :-)


  23. LOL, Bama!

    Oh, Ashley! Nothing like begin gentle and rough at the same time, huh? LOL There's no time limit on the critique, so if you win I'll just wait for you. Maybe I'll do a little pushing!

    Yes, ma'am, Yami!

    I'm partial to the fight and love scenarios, Cathy. One of my favorite movies is The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Marueen O'Hara. Now THAT is a study in sexual tension!

    Thanks, Tracey... I think so too!

    I've read book like that too, Tammy. I really hope my books don't do that. Sometimes it's hard to see the forest for the trees!

  24. I think it depends on the Characters and if it reads true to them and the skill of the writer. Not all sex scenes are good ones however. One of the authors I really love otherwise wrote detailed play by plays that always felt forced and stilted to me so I would always skip over them. There are some that actually leave a lot to the imagination but do so so cleverly that it makes you feel the whole of it. And there are many sexy books that have good and very detailed sex scenes that are believable, and HOT! thanks for sharing yours. I almost think I need to wake my husband up. :^)

  25. Too funny! I've done several different kinds of sex scene and honestly, the outright ones (i.e. the hotter rated ones) are so much easier to write. In all of my historicals the sex scenes are hot without a lot of vivid sexual words. Now that is excruciating to write! But when it works, oh mama! :o)

  26. Hi Minnette, I had to run upstairs and take a cold shower before posting! Lordy - yes, you do write a wicked scene...my honey loves for me to read to him from my books - I do believe he is going to love your books! You know a man loves his women when she isn't feeling well and he goes to Barnes & Noble and picks up a romance novel for her...of course, he then wants to reenact the love scenes, hey - he's a man!

    So, yes,I like the flirty, humorous scenes leading to the middle of the book hotness followed by humorous problems and ending with more hotness! Gina G in Springfield, IL

  27. Wow Minnette, I really liked this excerpt and information :D This one made me laugh out loud " jumping up and down and screaming to your frightened husband, “Do you wanna?” LOL! I really liked both sex scenes.. makes m e wonder if this Cranston guy is human or something more? hmmm :P I think I agree with your statements.. that seduction is what brings it all together, the teasing, the anticipation etc... I'm okay with all scenarios.. rough and hard, soft and sweet, a mixture of the two... I think it depends on where the story is... what I'm feeling.. if its their first coupling and the seductions been going on for days? I'd totally take the rough route! You can always have sweet later ;)

  28. NO, Minnette all of the books that i have read of yours have been awesome. not a boring or horrid sex scene among them. :)


  29. LOL, Gina - Best compliment I could have gotten. Thanks!

    I knew it Chelsea! Too funny... rough then THEN nice. A girl after my own heart!

    You are too sweet, Tammy ~blush~ :o)

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    Love you guys!!!!!! Minnette :o)

  31. Ooo... almost forgot....

    A huge THANK YOU! to the Sexy Lady herself Anita! You rock! M:o)

  32. beatings?! blinks:) I read a pretty good book a few days ago:)

  33. Almost missed ya! Close call. :X
    Great post! And what a tease! Wow! I cant wait to read this! Sounds like another winner Mrs. Minnette! Great job! Have a great night!

  34. Adult content indeed. I think I blushed. Loving this.


  35. Ooh! Love this sound of this book! burbanette@yahoo.com

  36. Hi, Bama!

    You know me, Shadow... I love to tease! LOL

    LOL, Marybelle - I warned ya! Glad you're liking it... ~teehee~

  37. And the winner is....


    Congrats, girl! Please drop me a line at mmeador at minnettemeador dot com to let me know which of the prizes you want!

    Thanks to everyone for making this so successful today! Make sure you meet me over at the next stop.... Minnette :o)

  38. I like your formula--ah, the mathematician in me:) Not too early, not too late, not too often...

  39. Wow-o-wow, I bow to your mastery of the sex scene. I also love the visual of the horny reader propositioning her husband. Great stuff.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at gmail.com

  40. I'm surprised your books haven't burst into flames those excerpts are so hot.

  41. Holy moly! Those were some HOT excerpts! WOW! I MUST read both books! LoL!

    Thanks for the post and the giveaways!

    Molly AT reviewsbymolly DOT com

  42. What a cool prize for writers today thats awesome but I am just a reader and would love to read Belle Stalker.