Monday, October 13, 2014

Playing in the Writer's Sandbox by @AnitaPhilmar

Why don't we fill out the form and see what we get?

1. Character

a. Who is this scene about? Anita, a beautiful single woman, who is turning thirty

b. What is the relationship of the characters in the scene? Anita starts the scene alone on the beach

c. What is the emotional impact to the character? She's come on vacation alone to discover herself and decide what she wants out of life. She has a great career as an interior decorator but hasn't had time for herself, not with growing her business.

d. What does the character want? (Long-term and short-term goals)
Long-term she wants to grow her business but have the ability to take more time off to enjoy her family and friends.

Short-term to relax and enjoy a beautiful beach and paradise.

e. What are the obstacles in the way? She only wants to read her book and enjoy the sun - so there is no way she is open to meeting someone new.

2. Setting

a. What season is it? (Time, day, year, past, future) middle of the week on a quiet beach
October, 2011
b. Description of the place (house, boat, office, city, country)
a seaside resort with plenty of water, sun and sand.

c. Special items (gun, knive, pills, items needed for the plot)

cherries, a better than sex drink and suntan lotion

d. Senses (see, hear, smell, taste, feel)
hear the waves crashing on the shore, smell the salty sea air, taste the tart juice flavor of cherries, feel totally relax, until the man Anita least wanted to see, shows up

3. Event

a. What’s happen in the scene to drive the plot forward? Someone has to interrupt this lady

b. What does the reader learn for this scene? that the world is much smaller than we would like to believe.

c. What are the characters doing? (the physical action or character movement) Anita is lying on a towel enjoying the sun and her book.

d. How does the event occurring affect the character?

When who should stumble over her but the guy she had a crush on in high-school? Exiled from his job for a few weeks, Darren is happy to lie on the beach beside Anita and sleep off his drunken stupor.

Anita is thrown from her comfort zone into the past, the awkward adolescent years.

So what do you think will happen next. Feel free to share.

Anita Philmar

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