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A Skylar Drake #Mystery - Strange Markings by Janet Elizabeth Lynn and Will Zeilinger

Janet Elizabeth Lynn and Will Zeilinger
The Pacific breezes blow many things in from the ocean, this time its power, greed, and murder. At the dawn of the television age in 1955, Skylar Drake is called to identify the remains of a fellow movie stuntman found buried in a shallow grave. While there he is shown mysterious wounds and strange tattoos on two additional bodies.
A wealthy Bel Air matron sends her enticing niece to enlist Drake’s help in locating a missing nephew. The search takes him back to pre-statehood Hawaii where he stopped off on his way to the hell of the Korean War. Unexplained deaths, politics and superstitious locals turn the tropical paradise into a nightmare where nothing is what it seems and no one can be trusted.  


The two men looked directly at me.  “I’m Drake.  Can I help you?”
Dolan stood right behind me.
“I’m Agent Miller, this is Agent Tanner.” They flashed their badges, “We want to talk to you Mr. Drake.” Miller looked past me and frowned at Dolan.
“I’ll just wait out...” Casey moved toward the door.
I put my hand on Casey’s shoulder. ”This is my partner Casey Dolan, anything you have to say to me you can say to him.”
They shrugged and stepped inside.  “Let’s go in your office.” I  showed them inside, as sweltering as it was.
Miller put his hat on top of the file cabinet.  Tanner kept his on.
“We are investigating the disappearance of a Mr. Ted Stone.  You're a known associate of his.  Is this true?”
“Sure, I know Teddy.  We worked on a few films together.” I sat back in my chair while Casey stood by the door, “His sister Florence and I used to do stunts for Prestigious Studios a while back.  Teddy started about a year later... you say he’s missing?”
“His sister reported him missing a year ago.  Our records show you were one of the last people to see him before he disappeared.” 
“You said a year ago?” I thought for a moment,  “Yeah, that sounds about right.  It was a war movie.  There was a battle scene and we had to fall out some windows and off a moving truck like we’d been shot, y’know.  This was before...” I stopped myself.  They didn’t need to know about my law suit with the studio brass.
“Before what?” Agent Tanner asked.
“Before my last stunt gig with Flo.”
“And the victim?”
“Victim?  I thought you said he was missing.”
“Just tell us about your last job.”
“Well, Teddy and I shared a dressing room.  It was about midnight when we finished the night scenes.  After we changed and dropped our costumes off at wardrobe, we left for breakfast.  That was about two in the morning.  I took the bus home, and I guess he drove.  I never saw him again after that.  Flo and I did a shoot at the studio the following month.  She told me she was going to Washington to get married.  That was that.”
The two agents took notes on everything I said.

When they met it was murder... like a real Hart to Hart. Authors Janet Elizabeth Lynn and her husband Will Zeilinger just released the second novel in the Skylar Drake Mystery series, Strange Markings, a Noir mystery set in 1950's. They have been writing separately for over a decade and have two more Skylar Drake Mysteries in the works
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