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HotWired - a Hot #EroticSuspense by a #MFRWauthor Anita Philmar

Blurb -

Hotwired for each other... When Ross Dixon is kidnapped from his office, along with the sexy lawyer who'd been busting his balls over a deal that should have been a walk in the park, he wakes to find a devotion chip surgically implanted in his brain. If that isn't bad enough, the chip, designed to trigger emotional reactions between him and the woman lying next to him, is working overtime on his libido.

Mistaken for Ross's flavor of the month, Kayla Michaels, a 22nd century lawyer, doesn't have a problem spending time in Ross's bed--or over his desk--but she wants no part in the romantic feelings the chip is provoking. She's been down that road before and ended up burned.

Kayla and Ross struggle to find answers while coming to terms with the constant lust sizzling between them, but along the way each wonders if the emotions are real or just a side effect of being hotwired.

Opening scene

June 5, 2104

Kayla Michaels tugged at the skirt of her red business suit. But unlike her twentieth-century style jeans, the fabric didn’t caress her skin with comfort. Nor did her high heels massage her feet like her worn calf-leather biker boots. She wished longingly for a beer at the bar with the old gang. The boys could always help her to relax.

“Damn, I hate dealing with pricks like Ross Dixon,” she grumbled and opened the door to his office. A large desk with a plaque embossed with the name “Mrs. Pretty” in gold occupied the other end of the waiting area.

What an awful name.

A petite woman with gray-peppered brown hair glanced up. “Can I help you?”

“Yes, I’m here to see Mr. Dixon.”

“You must be Ms. Michaels. Mr. Dixon agreed to rearrange your appointment because of your early arrival in town, but he doesn’t have a lot of time. He’s due to attend a gathering at the art museum tonight.” Mrs. Pretty stood to her full height of five-foot-nothing and then slipped through a large oak door.

Unmoved by the woman’s cold manner, Kayla turned to view the large screen on the adjacent wall. The calming force of nature, mountains tall and strong, wild flowers blowing in the wind, and water flowing through a field of green helped ease the tight ache of her muscles. She drew in a deep breath and loosened her grip on her briefcase. I can do this.

“Ms. Michaels. Mr. Dixon will see you now.” Mrs. Pretty waved a hand for Kayla to proceed into the inner office.

“Thank you.” Kayla entered Mr. Dixon’s private domain and paused. The high-rise view beckoned her. Steel and glass glowed with the golden hue of the setting sun, and a sense of power engulfed her by simply entering the room.

Her gaze slipped to the organic sculpture by the window, and she realized the plant formed a chair. Tiny green leaves meandered along the arms and base to add color to the piece. A matching couch lined the bordering wall. At the far end of the oversized space, a large oak desk blocked Dixon’s handsome form.

The door clicked closed.

She squared her shoulders and walked forward. No matter how much the unique furnishing might awe her, she couldn’t show weakness. Otherwise, Ross Dixon would eat her alive.

Speaking into his PEEP, he didn’t glance at her but stared out the window. She stepped to the two chairs in front of his desk and settled into the soft leather. Seeing him with his Personal Electronic Ear-Piece, she started to reach for her own device but paused. The tool connected her to every electronic device in her briefcase, but she wanted to conduct this meeting in the old-fashioned way, face to face with no computer interruptions.

She leaned back in her chair and studied the man, homing in on the small details that revealed his personality. His curly dark hair stood on end each time he combed his hands through it, a strong sign of his restless spirit. The small lines around his eyes displayed a zeal to succeed, and his spoon-shaped fingers indicated a destiny to rise to the top of the business world. In a formal black suit, the man reeked of wealth and power. But the pulsating energy surrounding him struck with a force Kayla hadn’t expected.

“I don’t understand. If your brother is already at the hospital, why are you staying?” He worked a computer stick through his fingers like a baton. Kayla read his disapproval in the rigid set of his shoulders.

“But Lindsey, you’re the one who wanted to attend this event at the art museum.” He shook his head and turned. His intense glare nailed Kayla.

The hypnotic blue of his eyes captured her, and the burning heat in their depth lit a flame of need. Every nerve ending hummed, and a spark ignited in her libido. Sweat dampened her palms, and she rubbed her hands over the rough fabric of her skirt.

He blinked and lowered his gaze to the data screens embedded in his desk.

Wowza. She allowed the pent-up air in her lungs to seep out, and after a brief moment, she forced herself to inhale again. The woodsy scent of his cologne filled her nasal passages, and seductive images formed in her mind. To get a hold of her wayward thoughts, she tightened her grip on her bag.

“Fine, we’ll just blow off tonight’s gala, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” He waited a half second, then jerked off the ear-piece and threw it on the desk.

The calm expression on his face when he looked up startled Kayla almost as much as his earlier glare. To mask his emotions so quickly required a skill she didn’t possess.

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Reviewer "Whoa, this book is hot! Neither Kayla nor Ross ever plans to become permanently involved with anyone, so it is a surprise and a shock when they wake up with a chip implanted in their brains which makes them only want each other. They barely know each other and what they do know about each other has been confrontational because they have been negotiating a contract."

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