Thursday, October 13, 2016

Can Help but Love #Texas #books

Now, we all love the state we were born in, but people who are born in Texas feel a deep connection to their state.

Why some of you may ask?

I believe, it's because, we had to fight for our independent before becoming a state. We know what it is to stand alone. We can't forget our past and enjoy celebrating the history -- The Alamo, the battle of San Jacinto and the men at Gonzales. From a very young age,  Texas children are told the stories from their parents, not counting taking Texas history classes.

No place on earth is quite the same as being in Texas. You walk down the aisle of Walmart and people talk to you.

I have lived in a number of other states. This is not always the case in other places, not to say people are unfriendly but it just feels different.

After writing for a few years, I was naturally drawn back to my roots. I believe that is why I started the Cowboys of Naked Bluff, Texas.  It is set during the time of the Civil War.

Texas had just come out of their own war for Independence and was not very excited about getting into another war. Luckily, most of the fighting did not happen in Texas. However, it did bring in an influx of people to the state.

I love how strong not only the men where during this time to work the land and make a living, but the strength women showed to make a life in a land that was not always forgiving.

(The best part is working history into my stories. This one makes reference to the only woman, who was ever hung in the state.)

So today, I'd like to big shoot out to the Great State of Texas. It rocks and thanks for inspiring me to tell wonderful stories set within your borders.


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