Wednesday, August 9, 2017

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This week I'm excited to share with you the box set for my series Black Dragon.

Now, you can get all three for one low price.

Here's the blurb for each

Black Dragon’s Blood
Amanda Spencer has spent years searching for clues to her first husband's murder. Now, she is close, too close to let William VanHorn get in the way. He wants to claim her as his wife, but she doesn’t have time to satisfy the man's needs. She wants answers not sex.
Set on fire by Amanda, William won’t let the lady escape. If she wants answers, he'll get them. As head of the Dragon Center, he has connections and nothing will stop him from capturing her heart.

Black Dragon’s Moon
Dragon Center agent, Dee Butterfield, finally has the job she's always longed for. On her first assignment, her job is to protect sculptor, Scott VanHorn. His rich dragon blood tempts her into an affair that could not only jeopardize her career but possibly her life.
Determined to find out who killed his best friend, Scott poses as a struggling artist to help the Dragon Center investigate a corrupt art dealer. He has ulterior motives for requesting Dee as his protector, getting her in his bed not the least of them. However, Scott soon realizes his mistake.
When the mission becomes more dangerous than either of them anticipate, Scott's black dragon blood stirs to protect Dee while hers calls for retribution.

Black Dragon’s Heart
Devoted chemist, Sarah VanHorn, lives for her research but fantasizes about loving Jake Ramsey. Her two worlds collide when the dragon center agent arrives to rescue her from the company suspected of producing chemicals dangerous to those with dragon blood.
Sarah's not the only one with fantasies. Jake wants Sarah as his mate and he's waited years to claim her. Now, under his protective custody—not to mention the influence of Syndetic's sexual stimulant scenting the air—he can't resist the fiery temptation to finally make her his.
But when tragedy strikes and their dreams are threatened, will Sarah sacrifice her career, Jake, and possibly her life to discover the answers? And will Jake let her?

Purchase the Paperback book from:
The Wild Rose Press

What I truly love about this stories is the over all arch of who's the really bad guy.

Have a wonderful day and follow the hop to discover other books,


  1. Ooh! Really interesting concept, Anita. And all three are available in a box set. Need to check this one out, too.

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  3. I went to check out the box set, but Wild Rose Press moved it and made it difficult to find. This is the new link:

  4. This is the link on Amazon, which is what I used.

  5. I like the idea of your overall arc for the set.