Monday, May 20, 2013

Character's Motivation

What motivates you?

Now, what do you think motivates others?

These are the beginning of what can motivate your characters.

All characters have goals, motivation and run into conflict. These are some of the essentials elements of developing a good story. Take time to craft each one for your characters can deeper your story and make for a better book.

In my book "Naked Rebel", Rane is out to win back her country. She'd lost everything, her family, her way of life, her home.  Being Nick's companion didn't take anything away from who she was. Instead, she wanted to help him in anyway that she could because he was trying to win back her country.

Did Nick know the truth about Rane's motivation? No, he saw her taking unnecessary risk and felt as if he needed to protect her.

Each were motivated by different things. Together they became a force to win a country's freedom.

Here is an excerpt from Naked Rebel:

Outside a while later, Rane studied the once-rich property of her father’s estate. The forest which covered a vast portion of the land now held only a few hundred trees. The air, filled with a brown hazy from the work being done in the mine, suffocated her.
Upon entering the shadow of a tree, Rane’s heart sank and her foot faltered at the sight of the sacred altar in front of her. Nick, by her side, reached out a hand to keep her from falling.
“Are you all right?” He grasped her elbow and guided her to the stone platform.
She sank down on the shrine and gathered her red cloak around her before offering up a special prayer. “Thank you.”
“No problem. I should have made sure you ate more before we came out for a walk.” Nick’s voice beside her drew her back to the presence.
“I’m, uh, fine.” Rane couldn’t tell him the real reason behind her sudden weakened state. The trees embodied her connection to this land, and she silently wept over the loss of her family and friends in a pointless war for power.
Grief consumed her, and she lowered her head to hide her emotions from Nick. He wouldn’t understand her need for revenge. He hadn’t lost everything he believed in to a man like Salzar. Otherwise, Nick would’ve killed him long ago.
An arm circled her shoulders, and Nick pulled her up against his chest. “Don’t worry just because you’re in over your head. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”
She lifted her head. “What? I’m not in over my head. I asked for this assignment.”
He blinked as if surprise by her outburst. “Why would you do that? This is probably the most dangerous place you could be in this war.”
“Yes, and it’s my people who are dying because of the tyrannical rule of Emperor Salzar.”
“What? When did he become Emperor?” His grip on her arm tightened.
“About a year ago,” Rane barked and jerked herself free of his hold, her hips hitting the hard edge of the altar. “Because you live here you probably haven’t heard of the atrocities he’s performed against my people.”
Nick turned and stared down the path leading through the forest. “I have no doubt. The man is cruel.”
The small action of Nick’s jaw jutting out like he was clenching his teeth exemplified his feelings for Salzar. Lines circled his mouth, and he gripped his hands into fists.
“And you hate him?” The idea thrilled her. Perhaps, she could count on him to help her with her plan.

Hope this helps you develop your own characters,


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