Sunday, May 26, 2013

Similes - Can Add Depth

Writers like to use similes. Why?

I think it is because  they helps to ground readers. If I'm talking about an distant world, how can I explain to the reader what I want them to see. By using something they are familiar with like flowers.

Also it can add to a character's description.  She had a smile that lit up her face like a sunflower lights up the dry  parched dessert. You just can't turn away, you just have to smile back.

So what comparisons do you make?

She watched the sweat dripping down his hard body and felt drenched in downpour of sexual need.

How would you describe the above pictures?


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  1. Are you a poet as well as an amazing novelist, Anita? Great post!

    Our brains are hardwired to think in metaphor, which is why they connect at a primal level when we read them. They even work in reverse. For example, I am not a chrysanthemum!

    You might like a co-post on metaphor that Melody Fletcher and I (as Mary Carol Moran) wrote on her Law of Attraction blog.

    So glad we met. I always enjoy reading your words!