Saturday, October 17, 2015

Banished Hero - #6BestHop Fun on a Sunday by @AnitaPhilmar

Today, I'm sharing six paragraphs from Banished Hero.

 Banished Hero

“Why won’t you eat, Faye Lynn?”

The sound of Havyn’s voice in her head startled her so much she lost her grip and fell forward. She kicked out her wings and glided to wall between two abandon stalls. Her heart pounding, she told herself he couldn’t be any where nearby. She must be imagining things.

The other bird might squawk, or send her his feelings of unease as a warning, but he couldn’t talk to her in a language she could understand.

She glanced around nervously, trying to catch her breath. Havyn wasn’t here. He left her several hours ago after bringing her home from the market. He probably planned to leave her in the barn for a few days until her father left the area. Then he’d try to train her to be his pet. She’d gone through the drill before.

“You’re not getting away.” His voice sounded in her head again.
At the same time, the large black falcon swooped down beside her and landed on the wall.

The shock of both Havyn’s voice and the bird knocked her off balance. She tumbled onto the hay in one of the stalls. She rolled and tried to right herself, but a large wing covered her chest and held her down.

Transform Faye Lynn.

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Happy reading and make sure to check out the other authors on the list.


  1. Ooh, they're shape shifters. Love the excerpt, Anita. I hope you'll share more with us.

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