Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Banished Scroundrel a #MFRWHooks for #MFRWauthor Retweet Day by @AnitaPhilmar

Today, I'm sharing excerpts from Banished Scroundrel

Excerpt from Banished Scoundrel

The panther turned and stared at the castle. Jack? What are you doing here?

He stepped out from his hiding place. The light from the night beast lit the area in an eerie glow. Unwilling to expose himself to danger, he tossed his head back at the structure glowing in the distance. Many of the bedroom windows faced the lake.

Why don’t we move to a more secure area? I don’t want anyone from Sloan’s party to see us. He turned.

No, Jack. Even though you’ve caught me in my panther form, I’m not following you into the underbrush. I’ve read that male cats have an insatiable hunger to mate. She shuffled her paws in the sand and strolled along the shoreline.

But wait! With a quick burst, he covered the ground between them. He closed his mouth around the hairs on the back of her neck and tugged.

She sighed and stopped. Jack, I’m not fucking you in this form. A quick twist of her head and she broke free of his grip. Now stop.

A deep purr rumbled from his chest. He couldn’t allow her to escape.

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  1. I love shifter stories, and panthers are so sleek and predatory. I can well imagine that he doesn't want to let her go. I wondered if he was a shifter as well, or merely human (Hmm, shouldn't say "merely" should I?) Looks like the kind of story I'd enjoy reading.