Monday, November 7, 2016

Discovering a New #EroticRomance #Author or Finding a Good Read #ASMSG

For most of us, we have a limited amount of time to spend reading. Which means, we want to go to an author that we are sure will give us the type of book we are looking for. This is the reason so many of us return again and again to Best Selling authors.

However, what happens when you’ve read everything from your favorite author?

You start asking around and looking for other authors, who write erotic romance.

Still, you don’t want to waste time on a book that three pages in your ready to throw against the wall or wipe from your ebook reader. Nor do you want to spend money on a book you won’t enjoy.

So that why for the past four years, I had my book “Hot Prairie Nights,” up free on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and many more. A few months ago, I took it down and now offer it only to people who sign up for my email list.

Why? Because if you like Hot Prairie Nights, you’ll want to know about my other books and join my community of friends. If you don’t you simple unsubscribe to my Special Friends Newsletter.

Here is the link on InstaFreebies

Now the next question – Is one book enough to judge an author? What if they go from writing a novella to a full length novel?

Love for you to comment and come back Wednesday for my response.



  1. Question: Is one book enough to judge an author?
    My answer: No
    Why? I've read many authors who will write in several genres and/or write a story that follows several genres within its' pages. I'm what you would call a "Moody Reader". What my mood is for the day, I'll read that kinda' book. I will read novella and full novels as long as, the story interests me. I have to admit that I find some authors trying to write in other genres, but fail in delivering the story. Does this change my opinion of the author? Not really...I would just read what I deem interesting in that particular authors' books.

    I hope this comment of mine helps with your question.

    1. Great answer, Angela. I agree some authors write stories that work best for certain genre. Not everyone can switch and still have the same type of voice that appeals to their readers. Thank you so much for responding.

  2. Sometimes one book is enough--since getting a Kindle back in 2014, I've discovered more than 50 authors who were previously unknown to me, and I was a bookstore owner for 17 years. Granted, not every book they produce is a 5-star read, but if they write well, I'll keep on reading them even though I might not love every book they write. Also, I often switch from one sub-genre to another. I read a lot of paranormal shifter novels for a while and eventually tired of them. I read historical romances for years, but I no longer read them. Some of the authors I follow write in several genres, but currently I'm sticking to contemporary romantic suspense, and contemporary erotic romance.

    1. Thanks Donna, for commenting. I always find it fascinating how readers find new authors. Word of mouth seems to be the favorite way, but if you are looking for a new author and no one suggest someone it can be difficult. Like you I read a number of different genres but I've always love romantic suspense.