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Brace for Impact by @Daryldevore #eroticromance

Brace for Impact

What could be simpler than a routine plane trip from Toronto, Canada to Caracas, Venezuela for a rookie flight attendant and a sexy R.C.M.P. officer?

But Fate had other intentions.

After leaving a disastrous marriage, Paix Allcot begins a new career as a flight attendant. The romance of travel plus the desperate need to be on any other continent other than the one her ex is on seems like a dream job. For the first time, Paix is no longer a trainee and the passengers in economy class are under her care. Especially the handsome passenger seated in 36C.

Guy Lapierre, undercover officer, is following a vicious human-trafficker. He has little time for relationships. Too many innocent lives are at stake. But when the plane crashes and Guy is stranded on a tropical island, he is forced to work with Paix to survive until he discovers that the man he is tracking is Paix's older brother.

Can a pink bra and a hot night on the side of a volcano save the relationship and their lives?

Review - Daryl Devore's book was fantastic also it was probably one of my favorites of the set. I was crying at the end thinking the worst but it turned out great.

Review- Daryl Devore likes to add unexpected events to her novels. And this one has several which if you google you’ll discover have really happened. So as you read this delightful story thinking it over the top, remember that while some events may seem improbable, life is full of improbable occurrences.
I thought both Guy and Paix were stand-up people. Paix had a moment of not so stand up when she finds her brother, but even there, when she thinks it through, she rights herself in short order. No one is perfect, but these two are really good, which results in great extreme action fun.

2 Warnings: The sex is explicit and the final chapter might scare you at first, but keep reading.

TagLine - What could be simpler than a routine plane trip from Toronto, Canada to Caracas, Venezuela for a rookie flight attendant and a sexy R.C.M.P. officer?

Excerpt  – G rated

Guy stood, turned to face Paix and held her hands. "I did find something. And you have to see it. But it's pretty ugly and going to be hard to look at."
She clenched her fingers around his. "You found…"
He nodded. "I think so. He's dead. I wouldn't make you do this, but family member identification…" He hunched his shoulders.
Paix's knees buckled. Guy grabbed her shoulders and shifted her, so she sat on the palm tree trunk. She wrapped her arms around her waist and trembled. He moved away and stood silently waiting for her. He gave her a moment to grieve. She understood. There was no hurry. If it was Steve, there was nothing they could do.
Tears welled up. What would she tell her parents? Their only son – dead. Their only son – a human trafficker. She blinked through the tears. Guy held his hand out. Blood seeped from along his palm. She glanced up and met his pained gaze. She could tell from his expression he didn't want to do this. He didn't want to make her look, but he had to. He had to see his job through and it was ripping into him.
He sighed. "Why don't we go and see and then get it over with. Maybe, it isn't him." He grimaced and shook his head. "But I'm pretty sure it is."
She stood and held his hand in hers. Lifting up the edge of her blouse, she dabbed at the blood. "Okay. Let's do this. Knowing is better than wondering."
Guy led her to the edge of a small cliff and down a short dune to the beach. Before her lay the vast expanse of an angry ocean. Waves rolled. White caps crested. Dark clouds skated across the sky. To her right the small beach was cut off by an imposing mass of black rock. She forced her head to turn to the left.
A mound of palm fronds covered her destination. Guy stepped between her and the mound. "Turn your head. Look at something else. I'll just uncover his face. Then you can take a quick look and tell me yes or no, is this Steve Allcot? Your brother."
She averted her face. The palm fronds rustled.
"Okay." Guy touched her arm.
Paix inhaled a deep breath, steeled her nerves and looked toward the body. Releasing a high pitched wail, she dropped to her knees. Sobs wracked her body.
"Paix. I need you to tell me. Is this Steve Allcot?"
"Yes!" She snarled. "Are you happy? My brother is dead."
Guy flinched like she'd slapped him across the face. She paused. Her palm itched at the idea. It would feel so good to inflict some pain onto him. He'd hurt her enough.

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