Friday, January 13, 2017

#Sale The Country Doctor's Bride - Historical Texas series #EroticMystery #99cents

On Sale for 99cents until 1/17
to Celebrate the last book in the series coming out 1/31


The 6th book in the Naked Bluff, Texas series, western, historical erotica set in 1860s.

Hell breaks loose while resting in the back of a wagon. Shots fire, her new friend falls off the front bench on top of her.

Dixy never expected this. After all, she is on her way out of Texas. As the daughter of a doctor, she has decided to head back to Georgia to help with the war efforts. The only problem is she has to depend on the help of others to get there.

Now, she is rushing to Naked Bluff to find a doctor to help Tobias. Only to have him die and make her the number one suspect. Unable to leave town, she is forced to stay with the town doctor.

Doctor Nathaniel Murphy claims she's everything he wants in a woman.
Can she believe him?
Or should she worry more about the killer?
After all, she's the only one who can identify him.


“God, Nathaniel, you have to stop,” she groaned and dropped her head to his shoulder. 
“Not until you agree to marry me.” He massaged her backside, rocking his hard length against her abdomen.
Darn, but she’d never felt like this before, so hot and needy with every caress compelling her to shed her clothes and have skin to skin contact.
Shocked by her thoughts, she tightened her hands on his shoulders and fought to control her basic urges. “Just because I desire you, doesn’t mean we have to get married.”
He grinned. “Has a man ever fucked you?”
Stunned by his words, she shoved at his chest, disturbed by his bold manner. “Of course not.”
Without releasing her, his focus narrowed, and he glared. “Good, because from now on you’re mine. Do us both a favor and say yes.”

“To what?” She argued, not willing to give into his claim that he’d have a voice in what she did or didn’t do. 

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