Wednesday, February 18, 2015

#WritingTip for #Authors What’s in a Scene? by @AnitaPhilmar

A scene has many elements. Let’s review some of the question an author can ask to determine if a scene is complete. Some things are essential like a character and an event to drive the plot forward. Other things like time and setting might not play as an important part in the scene but they do add depth.

Let’s break it down into three components:

1. Character

a. Who is this scene about?

b. What is the relationship of the characters in the scene?

c. What is the emotional impact to the character?

d. What does the character want? (Long-term and short-term goals)

e. What are the obstacles in the way?

2. Setting

a. What season is it? (Time, day, year, past, future)

b. Description of the place (house, boat, office, city, country)

c. Special items (gun, knive, pills, items needed for the plot)

d. Senses (see, hear, smell, taste, feel)

3. Event

a. What’s happen in the scene to drive the plot forward?

b. What does the reader learn for this scene?

c. What are the characters doing? (the physical action or character movement)

d. How does the event occurring affect the character?

All of these thing are important in developing a scene. The more items presence, the richer the writing.

Good luck,

Anita Philmar