Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Woman Who Wanted to Fly - Ruth Law

In 1912, Ruth attempted to enroll in the Wright School, but was turned down by Orville Wright, who believed women unfit to fly. He did sell her a plane, however - a Wright Model B, for $7,500 --$2,500 down, the balance in installments.

Pilot Phil Page thereupon taught her to fly, at Marblehead on the old Saugus racetrack. In addition to learning how to fly, she took lessons in engineering from a German mechanic, so that if something went wrong with her plane, she might repair it herself.

She soloed on August 1, 1912.

Ruth was awarded her pilot's license, #188, on November 20, 1912. This was four months after Katherine Stinson earned her pilot's license. Ruth was therefore the sixth American woman to earn a license.
Immediately after earning her license, Ruth began appearing at air shows.

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Girls we can do anything we set our minds to.

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