Monday, January 13, 2014

Keep Me Turning Those Pages - Turning Points

What keeps us turning those pages?


All of those things and more. Some reader fall in love with the characters, others love the detail settings, while others want a fast-pace story that keeps them on their toes.

Different books for different folks, but they all need to be hooked.

This is done by so many things but one is the turning points in a book.

There are usually four points in the book where things change.

1. This is where the character is forced into action - can be a change in the relationship with their lover or  they discover something new about what they've been searching for.

2. (Midpoint) the middle of the book, can be a defeat, or where there is a change in plans that cause the character to move in a new direction.

3. (Black Moment) 3/4 of the way through, where all appears lost, the character wants to give up but they can't or life will just be unbearable.

4. Realization - this works in close connection to the black point and leads to the what the character has to achieve to be able to live with himself. Win the girl, solve the crime, find the killer.

These are just a few elements of a good book. As writers, we constantly strive to get better if you can define this points in your book before you start writing, it will make for an easier first draft and a more developed book in the end.

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