Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Can Exercising Be Fun?

Okay, this is a question. I battle with continuously.

Yes, I need to workout. But is sweating fun?

If I'm on the ski slopes working my way down the mountain - the answer is yes.

If I'm on the treadmill (which is work in it's self to get on) - the answer is closer to no.

So how can I change that "no" to a "yes"

Here's some things I've tried -

  • Music - got to have it (the louder the better - kills the sound of the TM's motor)
  • Watching a movie - I have to have a very good movie to keep my mind off my feet
  • working weights while I'm walking - thinking about lifting my 3 pound weights and concentrating on my arms and not my feet.
  • even tried slowing the machine down and walking backwards.

That's my list - How about yours? Want to share?


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