Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Language of Love - Is Everyone's the same? #romantic advise

When two people meet and fall in love, they may believe that they are a lot alike.

Yet, in truth, each express love in a different way.
Why is there a difference?

It depends on a number of things;
-how we were raised
-how our parents showed their love for each other
-what we observed in others
-what just feels right for us.

To one person saying "I love you" is giving away their soul, to another it might not mean as much.

So what are the different types of languages?

1. Words - yes, we want to hear the words but again, different words have different meanings to each individual. Honey pie, might be an endearment to one person and a slam to another.

Also, some people need to hear word of affirmation to be convinced the other person loves them. While some people are perfectly happy with acts of kindness.

2. Gifts - some people want the one they love to give them things to show that they are loved. This they believe is a physical sign that the other person is thinking about them and represents how much they care.

3. Acts of Love - this is where a person expects the one they love to show their love by performing acts of service or kindness. Helping around the house, getting your car washed, making the bed. As long as these things are done freely without them having to ask then they are seen as acts of love.

4. Time - quality time with the one we love is also the language of love. This is where two people spend time talking and listening to each other. If the one you love can't bother to give you the time of day, how then can they love you?

5. Touch - This is not just the act of jumping in bed. This is the little touches that show a person that you care. The brush of his hand along her back when they are walking through a door. The holding of hands on a walk through the park. The straighten of his tie before he goes to work. A million different touches.

All of these are important to know, but for writers this can be important to show how your two characters fall in love.

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  1. Great post!
    I agree that these languages of love can play an important part in showing how characters fall in love. I think knowing your partner's language allows for a deeper connection and understanding in your relationship :)

  2. Thank you Karen for leaving a comment. I only wish I understood this better when I was younger.