Saturday, September 20, 2014

Oh, Those Scenes...#writingtip

Remember to keep your paragraphs short. Readers like white space.

Also, create a new paragraph for each new idea or for a different speaker.

Try to avoid adding other character’s actions in a different person's dialogue.

Scene transitions

Make sure to let the reader know when you are changing scenes by either using a page break or
three asterisks (or other symbol).

If you don't want to put a break between scene, but there is a change in the setting make sure to make it clear with a description. "A few hours later, he arrived at the police station..."

Showing Verses Telling
Don't tell a reader about the action going on and the emotion surrounding the event.

Show them by getting deeper into your character's head.

He jumped high in the air and kicked the ball.

The ground fell away and air rushed over his skin. Every muscle tone for action, he bent back his leg and kicked with all his might. After landing lightly back on the field, he smiled as the ball sailed into the goal. Energy washed through him and he sprang into the air again.

Hope these little tips help,


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