Monday, January 5, 2015

Unrealistic Expectation - Goal for the New Year

Funny, when we imagine our life after marriage, we sometimes image a life style which is unrealistic.

Personally, I bought into the motto - Bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan, and never ever let him forget he's a man.

Wrong, I couldn't do it. I was tired after work, and I didn't want to fix dinner. And well, if my husband wanted to remember he was a man, I'd let him take out the garbage.

That's fair. Right?

The point is, I couldn't live up to the picture of what I should be and what I should do.

My husband, the smarter of the two of us, understood and luckily convinced me he didn't want to live with a stressed out super woman.

So what expectations do you have?

Are they attainable, or are they only achievable in a perfect world?

Think about it, talk to your lover about it, revise the imagine in your head and come up with a better working picture.

This does not only apply to your love life. When working out your goals for the coming year, make sure you are setting attainable goals.



  1. I guess I always had the Suzy Homemaker image of marriage. My job was to cook and clean and his was to do the yard work. Great way to distribute work.

    However, an unhappy marriage led to an unhealthy borderline OCD about cleaning. My daily schedule became up at 5, work, home at 4, clean, cook, clean, sleep.

    A happy marriage has made me learn to ask for help when overwhelmed. I still do a lot of the housework because I find my state of "Right Mind" during it. However, when the stresses of life overwhelm, I gladly hand off the duties that don't help me find that place...namely sweeping and dusting.


  2. You are so right Emma. Having a good marriage can make a world of different in every aspect of our lives. It's the one thing I'm thankful for every day.

    Thank you for your wonderful comment.