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Scandalous Christmas Encounters by Victoria Vale #regencyromance #ebook

You are cordially invited to a house party at Hexthorne Manor, the country estate of the Duke and Duchess of Avonleah. While gathering to celebrate Christmas with the duke and duchess, the members of the ton will indulge in their most wicked desires. Witness the scandalous Christmas encounters of the lords and ladies of London, as they escape to the country for a bit of revelry, a dash of indulgence, and a healthy dose of scandal.

Part One: A Christmas Masquerade
At a ball hosted during their Christmas house party, the Duke and Duchess of Avonleah sneak away for a bit of privacy. With social obligations and motherhood stretching Margaret Rycroft thin, her husband hopes that a night away from it all will be just the thing she needs. Little do they know, some of their guests have similar plans, or that their garden maze will be transformed into a hotbed of debauchery by their houseguests.

Part Two: A Christmas Most Scandalous
Quite some time has passed since Sheridan Cranfield, Viscount of Perth, has shared a woman with his wife. Yet, he senses that Cecily has become possessed with the desire to seduce a widow of the ton—a woman rumored to enjoy the pursuits of both men and women. Joining their efforts at the Christmas fete, the viscount and his wife set out to claim the widow for a night of passion.

Part Three: A Christmas Temptation

Lady Penelope Ingham is loath to have to attend the duke and duchess’ Christmas house party alone. However, with both her husbands seeing to their duties—one as an ensign at the War Office, the other attending the family estates and lands—she is left with no choice. Despite missing Colin and Edmond dearly, she throws herself into enjoying her time at Hexthorne Manor. Unbeknownst to her, someone at the ball has plans of their own for her… a temptation much too scandalous to resist.

Excerpt, Copyright 2016 Victoria Vale
Camden couldn’t very well swat Margaret’s hand away without letting the baron know that she was under the desk, so he forced himself to ignore it.
Clearing his throat, he fought to focus on the matter at hand. “I beg your pardon. As I was saying, the language of the bill is a bit radical, and the proposed changes frighten our more conservative party members. It is my belief that the bill should be scrapped altogether and redrafted.”
“Do you not believe that radical change is needed, Your Grace?”
Margaret’s hand cupped him, fondling his tender bollocks before stroking along the thick, hard ridge fighting for freedom at the front of his breeches. Giving him a firm squeeze, she continued in her ministrations, heedless to how it might be affecting his ability to think and speak rationally.
“I … I do believe,” he managed, fighting not to squirm in his chair. “…that reform can happen in stages over time. To force radical change too quickly can cause unrest and unease. Besides, if you push for too much, too quickly, you risk losing necessary votes on a very important bill.”
His wife’s hands continued upward, tugging insistently until … dear God, she was opening his breeches. Snatching his cock free of his drawers, she continued stroking him as she had before they’d been interrupted—long, firm strokes that caused his erection to throb as if begging for release.
“Perhaps you are right,” the baron relented. “I did hope we’d have enough support from our more tolerant peers, but it would help us tremendously if some others would join us in our efforts. Do you suppose the bill could be redrafted in time?”
“I do believe it could.”
Camden nearly leapt from his seat when Maggie’s warm tongue circled the head of his cock. A groan burned the back of his throat, the pleasure of her wet mouth circling him and sliding down his shaft inch by inch a sweet torment. He wanted to reach beneath the table and take a fistful of her hair in his hand, to guide her movements at the pace he desired, yet he could only sit there and endure the slow, long pulls of her mouth on his cock while the baron droned on. Blood roaring in his ears, Camden barely heard a word of it, discerning only a few words here and there.
“… horrid conditions … ill treatment … why, even children are subjected to the horrors of prison alongside their mothers. I say, if ever there were a time for reform, it is now, Your Grace.”
“Hmm, yes, you are quite right,” he murmured, fighting to keep his eyes from rolling up into his head as she took him in so far, her nose met the patch of hair at his groin.
She’d grown quite skilled at that in the time they’d been married, swallowing his cock like the most skilled of tavern whores. God help him, he was so close to spending in her mouth.

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