Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Haunting Egg-cerpt by Kate Hill

Title: Back to Haunt You
ISBN: 9781419911552
Author: Kate Hill
Price: $7.99
At Cerridwen Press
http://cerridwenpress. com/productpage. asp?ISBN=9781419911552


Morgan was suddenly distracted by the arrival of another patron. A man, strangely enough.

A compelling man garbed in black, with dark hair streaked with gray and bound at his nape. His gaze swept the room before he walked to one of the chairs by the glass doors and sat. His posture was almost military and his legs parted in a masculine pose that seemed at odds with his uncommonly refined attire. While he wasn’t exactly goth, he certainly wasn’t a normal. Unique was the only word that suited him.

Morgan turned toward the window and discreetly studied the man’s reflection. His great taste in clothing aside, she couldn’t quite determine whether he was ugly or handsome.
Beneath the table, Uma kicked Morgan’s leg to gain her mother’s attention. She shifted her gaze in the man’s direction.

"What?" Morgan mouthed the word.

"Cute," Uma mouthed back.

*Way too old for you*, Morgan thought, hoping Uma would have the common sense to use her telepathic gift so their companion wouldn’t suspect he was the subject of their conversation.

"I meant for you," Uma whispered. "And I do have common sense."

"I told you, Uma, I’ve given up on roller skating," Morgan said, alluding to her rules regarding the opposite sex. "I’ve had too many falls."

"Because you were wearing badly fitting skates, Mum," Uma said, then lowered her voice. "I’m going to check him out."

Morgan sighed, a smile flirting with her lips. It wasn’t ethical for Uma to use her telepathic powers to scope out dates for her mother, especially when Morgan had no intention of wasting her time on men. She had her jobs and her kid. That was more than enough for any woman.

Uma’s brow furrowed and she turned back to her tea. "That’s weird."


Uma reached into her pocket book and found a pen. She scribbled a note on her napkin.
*I can’t read his mind.*

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  1. Hi Anita! I found your site and blog from RJ and your book (which looks fab!!!) So i'll be visiting here more!

    I love to read about new books and new authors as well. I have had the joy to read Kate Hill and she's one of my favorite authors. This sounds like a contemporary but too has the mind reading to go with it! It was a great tease reading the excerpt!

    I'm off to see the rest here too!