Sunday, March 16, 2008

Liquid Egg-cerpt by Tina LaVon

Liquid Hypnosis
by Tina LaVon ISBN 1-60154-123-6 Order from a Barnes and Noble or a bookstore near you!

More innocent lives will be lost if Samantha Garrett, the DEA agent known as The Human Lie Detector, is unable to solve the mystery surrounding a secret formula that controls minds. Her career took a roller coaster ride after her last case went badly, but she still has a chance at the promotion dangling in front of her and she refuses to lose it now. While searching for the suspect that got away, she must fight her feelings for his brother and handle the repercussions from her last case, which haunts her still.

Kevin Brewster, a mild-mannered, dedicated doctor, has spent his life trying to make up for his father’s crimes. His work life revolves around a clinic helping those in great need with no resources to take care of themselves. To that end, he has become inventive and daring. In addition to his work there, he must now prove his brother’s innocence before the by-the-book DEA agent discovers their secret.

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