Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Egg-cerpt from Marguerite Arotin

Title: One Enchanted SummerAuthor: Marguerite Arotin
Available from The Wild Rose Press on 6/25/08


When Deana awoke, she lay in a cozy bed in what looked like the Enchantment Suite, with the real Tristan Wallace hovering over her.

“Are you well now?” He glanced over at the corner of the room at a tall man with a long silver beard and soft blue eyes. “Nigel and I have plenty of questions for you.”

“No, I’m not well.” She closed her eyes, hoping that Tristan and his boss would disappear when she opened them.

Damn, they were still there.It was easier for her to believe this was all just a bad dream, rather than believe some fairy amulet took her back in time.

Time travel only happened in movies, and even then there were much more creative ways to move about in time. She didn’t travel by any kind of machine, or even a De Lorean. Nope, she only made a wish, and stuff like that didn’t happen in the real world.Hope this'll work.

Wanted your readers to know that this is a time travel. It's set in 1962 in Manchester England and Deana made a wish to go 1962, before the sexy rock star/spy disappeared and meet him because he was her childhood crush. I had so much fun writing this .

w/a Marguerite Arotin
from the heartland and beyond

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