Monday, January 28, 2013

Amazing Woman - Marie Curie - A Lady of Science

Just a reminder to myself and to others that there are a number of amazing women, who have changed the world. Today, let's celebrate our sister's success.

"Madame Marie Curie" born November 7, 1867 had the name Maria Sklodowska.

She traveled to Paris 1891. She had only enough money to cover her tuition, a small room and the cheapest food. She left her beloved father and her country to study science.

After graduating, she needed a lab to work. This is where she met Pierre. Ten years her senior, he worked for the university as a professor. The relationship between Pierre and Marie grew with each supporting the others desire to study science.

Working together for years, the two decide to marry and had several daughters together.

After his death she continued to carry on with her research and worked with her daughter at the Radiation Institute.

Some may argue that the lady wasn't exactly sexy, but smart women have an appeal that attracts attention to all women. Beauty and brains is a awesome combination.

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  1. Love that you gave a tribute to her. What's sexy about Marie Curé, in addition to her extreme intelligence, is that her shared passion with Pierre literally changed the world in ways that power players like Maríe Eva & Juan Perron could never have dreamed of. And she literally died for that passion. It's almost Shakespearean. She is one of the world's most fascinating people in my opinion.

  2. Thank you Kyra for sharing. I agree sharing a passion is one of the things I always wanted in a lover. My husband and I met while we both worked in account. Needless to say I did not love the job, writing is my passion. I do however love the man and he's willing to help me work out a few scenes.