Monday, January 14, 2013

And They Call Me a Scoundrel

Comments from the hero in Banished Scoundrel - the second book in the three erotic stories of Banished

People of wealth don't always see the pond-scum in their mist.

Governor Cedric Sloan provides them with beautiful women to bed, good food, excellent liquor, and a game of chance.

Do they care that he cheats at cards and takes their money to fund a colony of giants on his property?

Probably not, even though a shit load of humans died in the war.

But let me win in a honest game of chance with a wealthy businessman and I'm accused of being a thief or a scoundrel.

Tell me difference?

Should I wine and dine my mark?

Or should I hold a princess hostage to act as a love slave to my fellow gamblers?

Sloan might be revered by his peers. But in my eyes, the man needs to be taught a lesson.

And I'm just the guy to do it.


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