Sunday, March 31, 2013

My, What a Character

One of the things I love about Tom Hanks is that he doesn't play the same character in every move he is in.

The same has to be true of your characters. Not only do they have to look different they have to have to have different characteristics.

Here are some of the questions you might ask about your characters.

Quirks - things they do that's different from other characters. (love funky shoes)
Hobbies - likes to cook
background - from a poor family
schooling- went to a small school where they knew everyone.

Here are some to think about when working on the plot -

How does the character impact the central idea?
What does the character want more than anything?
What's the opposite of that?
And how can I make it worst for them?

All of these questions tie into the other elements of the story. Like a wheel that goes round and round, each element plays off the others creating a better well developed story.

Favorite line - (but don't know who said it.) No wonder they almost lost Apollo 13 they had Forrest Gump as the captain.


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