Sunday, April 14, 2013

After Marriage Money Expectations?

You are now living with someone and married.

Instead of two rent payments, you only have one.

There's more money in the kitty to spend.



Depending on your goals as a couple, the money might be needed to buy a new house, pay for the cost of your kid's college, or a trip to an exotic resort.

This is the one area where couple can run into major problems. You need to decide how and where your money is going to be spent as a couple. The new motorcyle, he wants might be traded against the new outfit you want, or it could need to be used for a new refrigerator. The first two might be more fun, but how long is the old refrigerator going to last.

If you don't come to some type of agreement, the spark in the bedroom will soon be replaced with fights in the hall.

Deciding this in the beginning will avoid problems down the road.


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