Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Meaning to all Those Words Authors Use

So many concepts to being a writer.
What's your theme?
Central Idea?

A theme is usual a word like love, strength, family.

In Fairy Fun - each character had to find love to become an adult and a part of their family and community.
Neither wanted to grow up. The theme was "Love"

A central idea is more a statement like "Only in taking chance can you find what you seek."

It is what you as the author want the reader to get out of your book.

Also it should be what drives the story. Like the center of a wheel it factors into all of the other elements.

This is a constant question that should be asked throughout the whole writing process. Then by

Plot = what does my character want and what type of chance do they have to take to find love.

Character - how does my character act when he attempting to take a chance on an uncertain course of action.

Scene - what type of setting will show his taking a chance

POV - who wants love the most and how can that character go about finding it.

Mood - is it a funny situation or is this serious

Language - again is it serious or lighthearted.

Remember the central idea can unstick a problem is you just keep playing with the central idea.

Hope this helps,

Also, if you'd like to read the opening scene of Fairy Fun here is the link.

Have a fun-loving day full of smiles.


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