Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Morning Mayhem -

Start of the week with my winner - Mary Preston won the $20.00 amazon gift cert. for my blog tour.

Hope she gets a few of my books.

Next up is the Erotic Enchants on Good read if you haven't joined the fun. You should. Lots of prizes are being given away and so many fun things to do.

Make sure to check it out.

Also have you seen 

the sneak peak of People Sexiest Man Alive 

bet you can guest my vote.,,20315920_20635373,00.html?stitched

Hope you are having an awesome day... so many things to do so little time...



  1. Hi Anita, Thanks so much for participating in the Erotic Enchants Holiday events. I think I've tagged a couple of your title to be read.

  2. Your books look good enough to eat!! Thanks Anita for particapating in the scavenger hunt!

  3. Thanks for being part of Erotic Enchants!

  4. Hi from Erotic Enchants! Happy Holidays. :)