Monday, December 17, 2012

RT Bug-In - Hook Me

The Bug-In Hop is about being prepared for the future if society as we know it changes.
No grocery store.
Food at a shortage.

Where else can we get food? Some people could not go hunting if their life depended on it, but could catch a fish and eat it.

So let's look at what it takes to go fishing. Basic equipment can be as little as a stick, string, bait, and a hook.

Depending on how close you can get to the water, you might even just use a pointed stick to spear the fish, but for this article let's go with standing on the side of the lake with a fishing pole.

Okay, we all know there are rods and reels that can cast out into the middle of the lake, boats that you can ride in to get to the best spots, but for this article we are talking to people who know next to nothing about fishing.

So let's say you need to eat, food supply is short.

As a kid, I spend many hours using a cane pole to catch fish in my uncle's pond.

Equipment - 

  1. a pole about six feet long (can be short or longer depending on what you can find.)
  2. string can be nylon, yarn, made from cotton, but it need to be strong so as not to break if you catch a large fish.
  3. hook - if you can buy one great. If not, you can make one from a coat hanger, wire, (the end needs to be sharp to break through the fish's skin.
  4. bait - worms, crickets, grasshoppers, bacon, some type of meat- chicken skin, (the stinkier the better.)
Assemble equipment - 
  1. Tie string onto one end of the pole. You can either make a slit in the pole or bore a hole through the pole and feed the string through the hole to secure it to the pole.
  2. at the other end of the string, which usually need to be about six to ten feet in length, secure the hook.
  3. When securing the hook it is best to make sure you use the strongest knot you know. 
  4. Test it by tugging on the hook to see if you can get it loose. (Depend on what type of string you are using you will need to check this every time before you go fishing. Cotton string rots.)
  5. Next feed your bait onto the hook.
  6. You are now ready to fish.
Where and when to fish.

Any lake that is available may have fish in it. The bigger question is would you be will to eat the fish that comes out of the lake. Polluted ponds may not be an option. Check to see if there is oil or other chemicals floating on the surface if so, try somewhere else to fish.

Time - a number of things can dictate when is the right time of day to fish, impending weather can play a part, so can  temperature. If a storm is brewing, then head for the lake before it hits, because the fish know with rain, comes run-off and food. If it's cold outside you need to have more string because the fish are at a  deeper depth to keep warm.

Personally, I enjoy the challenge of fishing. It take very little equipment and is fun. 

Once you catch a fish, be careful about removing the fish from the hook. Best to hold them behind the gills.
Also, remember to try to keep the fish alive until you are ready to cook them. If you can't keep them fresh, put them on ice or cook them right away on a fire next to the lake.

Hope this helps. Remember you don't have to spend a fortune on expensive equipment. Gather the things above and give it a go. You might fine you enjoy the sport even if the world doesn't end on Dec. 21.

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  1. I grew up going fishing with my dad. It was daddy/daughter time and I enjoyed all parts of it. Including the cleaning of the fish. Thank for bringng back good memories!


  2. Awesome information! I never thought about using a coat hanger to make a hook. Hmmm, something for another book of mine! ;P

  3. Thanks Susan and Skhye for stopping by.

    Susan, I also spent a lot of time with my dad fishing. It was a great time until I'd snag a turtle, then we'd spend all our time trying to kill it so it wouldn't eat the fish in the lake. Hate turtles to this day.

    1. We only caught a turtle once and dad let it go. I remember mom saying he should have brought it home and she could have made turtle soup. I had never seen dad so green before! LOL! I never found out if mom was serious or joking.

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  4. Susan that is funny. I've never had turtle soup either.

    thanks Kizlik zari for the comment. Look forward to you visiting again.

  5. Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to reading Banished!