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Born Into Fire

Born Into Fire
Paranormal (Elemental Shapeshifters) Erotic Romance

Ryalda, the Element heroes of old, leak from the void and bring with them beauty, desire . . . and destruction. Change is hard, but the metamorphous into fire goes beyond any change Kenna Lang imagined. When she discovers her ancestors are ancient beings who exist in a void beyond our universe, and the dragons of her childhood dreams are real, life as she knows it is over.

Erion, an Air Element, answers the call of Kenna’s emerging fire to discover a woman on the cusp of transformation. He’s drawn to her, the need to mate overwhelming. However, Erion killed once before by having sex in element form, and has sworn not to merge with another Element. But the discovery that a male Fire Element is intent upon enslaving Kenna’s soul forces Erion to get involved. He will save her. But he aches to do more than protect her. He wants to touch her—to pleasure her, but he won’t bond his Element to hers.

Erion is unprepared for the emotions Kenna awakens in him—or the lengths to which she will go to save him.

An Excerpt from KyAnn Waters & Tarah Scott's Born into Fire

Erion breathed deep and kissed her, releasing a breath into her mouth and, despite knowing he only shortened their time, fed the fire emerging in her.

The tingle increased, vibrating out his cock. As her element drew closer to the surface, she would need more from him. Like any hungry beast, she would take as much as he allowed. She deepened the kiss, her mouth moist and warm. He envisioned endless days with her at the furnace, him feeding her fire while she created art, her feeding his need for her. Tasting her, licking her, fucking her. He was her mate. It should be him who completed her just as she would him. Instead, he was the man who would spread dirt over her empty grave if he stayed with her.

Kenna hugged him tighter, and his heart wrenched. Those days would remain a dream. He would stay until that last moment before she transformed. The Giris. Right now, he planned on making her come, again and again, until she screamed. Then burst into flames, his mind quietly added, but—Erion’s mind jerked to attention in unison with the slam of a car door.

Hadyn Stiles.

Kenna broke from the kiss. She hurried to the window on the street side of the workshop and shoved back the curtain. Hairs prickled on the back of Erion’s neck. Hadyn strode up the driveway.

Erion was instantly behind Kenna. He slipped an arm around her waist and pressed his chest to her back. He forced back the impulse to shift into element and wrap her in a protective vacuum. She wasn’t ready to shift—he sure as hell wasn’t ready to confess the truth about himself. Fear of telling her and fear of Hadyn exposing him shot to the surface in a chaotic jumble. How will I explain the truth? Would she feel betrayed?

She turned in his arms. “It’s only Hadyn. He’s harmless. I met him at the gallery. I’ll give him credit for tenacity. The guy won’t take a hint.”

Erion looked past her out the window. She was mistaken. The tall, blond-haired man walking up the driveway was anything but harmless. What was he up to? Hadyn knew Erion was here just as Erion had sensed his presence, yet he was paying a visit as any normal human would.

Erion dropped his gaze back to Kenna’s face and trailed a finger along her cheek. “We men know a good thing when we see it.”

She shrugged. “There’s a big difference—and I don’t mean that.” She glanced at his crotch and grinned. “I hope you don’t think I sleep with all the men I meet, because I don’t.” She winked. “Just the smart-asses.”

Gratitude washed over him. If he hadn’t found Kenna before Hadyn exposed his element to her, she would have bonded to him, perhaps even desired him. But she desired Erion—without the bond. She might not understand why she wanted him, but she did, and no one could take that from him.

Kenna planted a kiss on his jaw. “I’ll get rid of him.” Erion released her and lifted his gaze to stare out the window and straight into Hadyn’s eyes. Fiery embers crackled in those blue depths. Wind whipped inside Erion in reaction to the Fire Element’s proximity. Erion veiled his thoughts, especially his feelings for Kenna. The Fire Element couldn’t be allowed to glean any information about the driving force behind their connection. A terrifying thought struck. Was it too late? Had Hadyn already deduced the truth? Was that why Hadyn had attacked him? No. That didn’t make sense. If Hadyn knew, he would simply wait for that moment of weakness when Erion and Kenna’s spark’s merged, then kill him and take Kenna.

Hadyn strode four more paces and reached the door as Kenna opened it. “Hadyn, I’m sorry, but I wish you had called. I’m working and don’t have time for company.”

Hadyn smiled, but a pulse in the side of his jaw belied the action. Frustration showed on Kenna’s face. If she had any idea how her open choice of him over Hadyn fueled his anger, she would get as far away from him as possible.

“I had hoped I was more than just company,” Hadyn said.

Satisfaction shot through Erion when none of Kenna’s heat ignited for Hadyn.

He stepped forward, and she automatically moved aside. He halted in the threshold, his eyes locked with Erion’s. “I thought you didn’t have time for company.”

“Erion and I are working.”

“Erion,” Hadyn repeated, then murmured, “Air.”

“What?” Kenna glanced at Erion.

Erion gave her a soft smile. “Erion is Albanian for wind.”

Her brow furrowed, and his heart leaped at the thought she might recognize the significance of the name.

She smiled. “I like it. Now,” she started for the furnace, “if you’ll excuse us, Hadyn.”

Hadyn’s gaze dropped to her ass, and Erion realized he smelled their sex. Hadyn’s gaze jerked to the open button of Erion’s jeans, then up to his eyes.

“Careful,” Erion cautioned. “She is not yet aware of her element. Force her before her time, and I will kill you.”

Hadyn sneered. “As you did when you ran from me in the parking lot?”

Erion gave a mocking laugh, then inhaled a small breath and sent a quiet swirl of air across the room. The edges of Hadyn’s shirt ruffled.

The space around Erion heated with the narrowing of Hadyn’s eyes. The look dissolved into a condescending twist of his mouth. “No”, Hadyn telepathically replied, “her fire is still buried within”. “You have no claim.”

“What was that, Hadyn?” she asked.

“I said, you fixed the flame. I see your furnace is working.”

“Yes,” she replied absently and bent over the scalloped bowl.

Hadyn’s glare cut back to Erion. “She is mine”. He took a threatening step forward.

“I have to work.” They both turned to see Kenna sitting at her bench, brows raised. “Put away the testosterone. Hadyn, I’ll see you later.”

“I can show you out,” Erion said.

“I know the way.” “And I will be back.”

The door blew open.

Hadyn stopped.

“Damn door!” Kenna cried.

Erion glared. I’ll be waiting.

Hadyn whirled and strode through the door without a backward glance. Erion took three steps, softly clicked the door shut, and faced Kenna.

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  1. Born Into Fire is a Smokin' Hot Paranormal experience that will leave you panting for more.

    Loved It!