Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Book Love to My Friend Lizzie Starr



Lara Zeroun needs something in her life, so she opens a portal in time and travels to the ancient Highlands. But, how can she become involved with a dark, mysterious man who belongs to another time?


Due to the matriarchal line of inheritance, Iain is no longer able to lay claim to his father's lands. He's prepared to leave--until a golden-haired woman visits the manor on the arm of a wandering storyteller. But, with no land or possessions, Iain dares not succumb to the temptation of Lara.


Danger lurks in Iain's time and becomes a threat to Lara's present. Will Lara and Iain be able to defeat the evil and make their ways through time--finding the love they both desire?

Short excerpt:
The heat flared in Iain’s face as though he had been outside too long after a dim, sunless winter. He could not lift his eyes past the hand that looked so small, yet fit so perfectly in his. Was it possible she trembled at his touch?

The need to feel his lips against her honey-gold skin drew his head lower. At the same time his hand lifted until her fingers were a mere inch from his mouth. He tasted her name before touching her skin. “Lara.”

The back of her hand was warm, the gentle kiss the barest brush of lips against her. Reluctance pushed her whispered name past his lips again before he pulled back. “I beg pardon, m’lady.”

Soft and breathless she asked, “For what?”

“I took liberty ‘twas no’ mine to take.”

Lara eased her hand from his and rested it against his cheek. He barely felt the touch of her fingers as she guided his face toward her. The violet swirl of her eyes swallowed him. “What liberty?”

“To kiss ye so.” To desire ye so. “Ye belong to another.”

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