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Flash from the Past Posts - The Cougar Meets her Master

Title: The Cougar Meets Her Master
Author: KyAnn Waters
Price: $1.99
At The Wilder Roses


Taylor Davis is turning 40. Her high powered job leaves little room for romance outside of her high powered vibrator that sleeps under her pillow. No pillow talk allowed. And no complaints from her. The rabbit never quits before she's done, doesn't complicate her calendar, and Taylor doesn't have to concoct excuses to make it go home after orgasms.
Enter Colt Foster. Has the bitch of the Beau Monde Hotel and Casino met her match? The hot, young detective has his own rules...and expects Taylor to play by them. Can she say no when Colt slaps on the cuffs? Does she want to...will he let her?


Taylor took long even breaths to keep her knees from shaking. Could she fuck her best friend's nephew? It wasn't as if Colt was an eighteen-year-old high school graduate. Clearly, Rachel had meant collegiate when she mentioned his graduation.

Taylor's position at the hotel made her aggressive, dominant and stole her femininity. When Colt stared into her eyes, all she felt were flutters. Some twisted part of her wanted to see if she could please a man like Colt, a real man that saw her as a woman. Every thing about him screamed sex. Hot, sweaty, curl the toes fucking that would leave her body spent and her mind numb.

Could she say yes? Damn, would he let her say no?

She stood, shook out her hair and sighed. "Let's go." It surprised her that she said the words like it meant absolutely nothing to her that a man at least ten years her junior was about to take her to bed. It was a huge fucking deal. She didn't take men to her her bed. Rachel had asked her to get him a room...not her bedroom.

Moisture damped her panties, and her nipples were painfully tight. She'd noticed the way he stared in the gym. Definitely a breast man.

She crossed the lobby with Colt towering beside her. Tall, cut and devastatingly handsome, how stupid could she be? Of course, she was going to fuck him.

The elevator doors opened. Colt stepped in behind her. As soon as the doors closed, his hand snaked out and wrapped around her wrist. He hauled her against his chiseled chest.

"Not here," she whispered. "This is a casino. You're watched everywhere except the privacy of your room. I'm not letting my staff see me groped in an elevator." She ran her hands over his sculpted pectorals.

He angled her body closer to his. "They can't see you grope me." He covered her hand and drew it down his torso, over his rippled abs to cup the swollen length of his erection behind the fly of his jeans.

Her trembling fingers gripped his bulge and measured the thickness. The elevator doors opened, and a couple stepped in with them. Taylor spun around, facing the doors, and smiled. "Good evening."

The older gentleman nodded his head, stood next to his companion and faced the doors. Shit, doesn't Colt listen? He moved behind her and fit the persistent, engorged weapon contained in his jeans into the crack of her ass. With subtle movements, he ground against her.

She couldn't help arching her back. Reckless. Wanton. Wild. Heat radiated off Colt and blazed through the thin fabric of her clothing. She wanted him feeling as out of control as she was, only he didn't seem to care that they were in a public place. In fact, the moan that just tickled her ear made the gentleman glance over his shoulder at them. She smiled.

Hell, Lady Luck had to be a woman because she understood the magnetic attraction of formidable men. The elevator stopped on the twentieth floor.

"Excuse us." Colt propelled her out of the elevator.

Her hearty laugh echoed in the corridor. "I hope not everything about you is this rushed."

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