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Some Love for Betrayed Vows @KyannWaters

Hi Anita
Thank you so much for having me today. Betrayed Vows just released and I’m thrilled about the book.

Are your characters based on real people?
No, but I do have a friend who made the penitentiary his residence a few times. Landon says a few things that I learned from my interviews with my friend.
“There are only three things you need to know about prison,” he whispered as he held up three fingers. “Fight, fuck, or hit the fence. You learn real quick which one you’re going to do. Do you want to ask me, Gretchen?”

Do you have trouble saying goodbye to characters?
Sometimes. Some characters I’ll never really say goodbye to like Theron from my Blood Slave books or the 6 pack from Johnny Loves Krissy. They came to mean more to me than words on a page. I’m ready for Betrayed Vows to release. I’m ready to say goodbye to the characters even though I really enjoyed writing their story.

Do you have to travel researching your books?
Not really. I generally write about places I’ve been and know.  Betrayed Vows is set in my area. I changed it up, took artistic liberty, but the mountains, neighborhoods and large family life is all a page out of my own life. I’ve been to trials, parole hearings and prison visiting rooms. I’ve accepted collect calls from prison and put money on a prisoner’s books.

What is your favorite drink?
What is sad is that I can’t drink my favorite drinks anymore. I LOVE coffee. But more than a half a cup in the morning now gives me headaches and upsets my stomach.
I love Tanqueray and tonic, but I can’t drink alcohol anymore. I have mal d'embarquement syndrome. Which basically means I’m a little dizzy, like a slight alcohol buzz, all the time. Certain triggers make it worse. I’ve always had it but as I’ve gotten older, I have more triggers.

What’s something fans would find fascinating about you?
I’m not sure anything about me is fascinating. But I am a mess of contradictions. I grew in a religious home and married an atheist. I write naughty erotic romance but my favorite reruns on televisions are episodes of Little House on the Prairie. (I even own the seasons on DVD). My favorite season is winter, but I don’t enjoy being out in the snow.

Betrayed Vows
Everything in Gretchen Booker’s life was as she wanted it. A husband on her terms. Companionship without physical contact. That’s why she married a lifer. Who would’ve thought it would all come to an end after only ten years?
Life on the outside is not as Landon Booker expected. But how can he make a future for himself beyond prison walls when the woman who is supposed to love him wants to see him sent back to the penitentiary.
Crystal Evans isn’t a home wrecker. Landon needs a friend…someone who can help protect him from his conspiring wife. Falling in love wasn’t part of the plan.
Yet vows betrayed leave all three with something to lose—Crystal her heart, Landon his freedom, and Gretchen the life she had before.
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Gretchen was in the kitchen. Pots and pans clanked loudly on the stove. Patience, he told himself. She was nervous. Hell, he was scared, too. Unlike Gretchen, his had been a forced solitary life. She’d been comfortable with the previous dynamics of their marriage. That was the only sentiment coming through loud and clear.
Prowling around the room, he opened the dresser drawers. Curious, his wife saw him as a tighty-whitey man. Undershirts, white crew length socks, and a few pairs of black dress socks were neatly organized in the top two drawers. The bottom three were empty. Sliding open the mirrored closet door, he was surprised to see a couple pairs of jeans and some rather nice looking golf shirts. New white sneakers and a pair of men’s slippers sat perfectly aligned on the floor.
Leaving the bedroom with plain white walls and devoid of any d├ęcor, he walked down the hallway. Looking in another bedroom, he pulled open the closet doors and basically familiarized himself with the upstairs floor plan. Finally, he opened the door to the master bedroom.
Traces of Gretchen’s scent lingered on the air. A mass of pillows exploded on top of the elegant spread draping the bed. Creams and burgundies. Soft and feminine.
“Dinner’s ready.”
Landon jumped at the sound of her voice behind him. The reproachful gleam in her narrowed eyes took aim straight into his chest. “I was just looking around. Getting familiar with my home.”
“You should’ve asked. I would’ve shown you around.” She pulled the door to her room closed and headed back down the stairs.
Landon followed, feeling like a child rebuked for his ill-manners.
“Do you like salmon? It’s fresh. And I made rice pilaf.”
Landon sat at the table. “I’m used to tuna fish and instant rice.” He laughed at her wide eyes and open mouth. “Listen, baby.” He went to her and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. “Couples go through this after a long separation.” He lifted her chin. “We’re not strangers, but it still feels that way.” When she pulled back, he let her go.

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KyAnn Waters is a multi-published, award winning author of erotic romance. She lives in Utah with her husband, two children, and two dogs. She spends her days writing and her evenings with her family. She enjoys sporting events on the television, thrillers on the big screen, and hot scenes between the pages of her books.

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  1. I have not betrayed a vow deliberately. There was a time, while I was in the Navy, when I got injured and I had to leave my friends behind on the ship and it felt like I was deserting them. It is an unspoken vow, to be there for each other like a close family would.

  2. Hi Elsa
    I think sometimes when we break a vow or promise it is really because we don't have any other choice. I think in those cases we can't beat ourselves up for it and I think it's understood it's a vow/promise broken with a heavy heart. thank you so much for stopping by