Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Teaser for Hog-Tied and Branded #99cents #Western

A short western erotica of around 13,000 words

Suzi Calworth has to find the courage to face the man she loves and tell him she’s pregnant with another man’s child.

Clint Malone loves Suzi and regrets driving her away. Yet, can he tell her the truth about himself and risk losing her forever? 

Can they both find the strength to reveal their secrets and let love heal their heartache?


For two years, she’d made herself available to the man. He walked through her door, and she put her world on hold to please him. Mistakenly, she had believed he cared.
“That was until the beginning of the year,” she muttered and recalled how much she dreaded telling him about the special assignment she’d been giving. She had fixed him his favorite dinner and taken extra care with her appearance to avoid an unpleasant scene. Yet as the evening wore on, she had lost her nerve, and had unintentionally blurted her news. “I have to move to Oklahoma City for a few months.”
He shoved her grandmother’s fine china aside and shrugged as if unconcern by the forced separation. “If that’s what you need to do.”
The mashed potato in her mouth turned to sawdust and she washed it down with a long swig of wine. The special treat for the evening didn’t even tempt her palate or dull the ache in her chest. “Then you really don’t mind?”
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“Why should I? I have no hold on you. We’re just having fun here. No strings attached.” He scooted back his chair and rolled onto the expensive heels of his boots. “We can always get together when you come home for long weekends or after the project is over.”
The shock of his words still vibrated through her chest. Bile backed into her throat. She clutched her hands into fists and repeated the same words she had yelled at him at the time, “Why you sorry son of a bitch!”
Unable to sit still, she thrust away from her desk. How could he think so little of her or the time they shared together? Didn’t he have a clue how much she’d loved him?
Still loved him?
“Get over it, it’s a moot point.” They had no future together—not then, not now, not ever.

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