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Hot #Erotic Series - D&S Duos by Lisabet Sarai

D&S Duos Series Blurb

The D&S Duos series presents Lisabet Sarai's hottest BDSM tales, in neat two-story packages – just the right length for a bedtime read. These sublimely perverse tales of power and pain, desire and surrender, explore the many variations of power exchange, demonstrating how whips, canes, candles, ropes, or handcuffs, as well as the classic palm on a bare bottom, can open doors to the ultimate erotic experience. A long-married couple recaptures the twisted passion of their youth. An academic is introduced to electric play by a charismatic professor of engineering. An airline steward learns what it really means to serve. A middle-aged woman finally encounters the master of whom she’s dreamed. From light-hearted spanking  to the intensity of blood sports, Lisabet Sarai shares her lush visions of dominance and submission in these lovingly crafted erotic stories.

Review Quotes

(Review of “Body Electric”) One can only read this and say, 'Let the hand rubbing begin!' Ms. Sarai has perfectly captured the perversely stilted world of academic idiom with its all-encompassing lists of modifiers and quasi-Victorian lilt. - Steven Hart, Erotica Revealed.

"Sarai's approach to 'kink' or BDSM can only be described as ecstatic and profound. Her descriptions of bondage, blindfolding, spanking and whipping manage to be hot yet dignified and respectful of everyone involved, conveying an insider's knowledge. The varied sex scenes in these stories always seem to flow from the plot and the characters. These people, as varied as they are, would connect with each other in these ways." - Jean Roberta, The Dominant's View

These books are not your ordinary BDSM and may push your limits but I know that you'll love her style. Lisabet Sarai writes in a graphic style not often seen in a female author and is guaranteed to get your heart racing. - Larry Archer, erotica author (Amazon)

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Book 1

From “Body Electric” (Book 1)

"You! Come over here." I started, my meditations interrupted by a rich, unfamiliar voice. The female crowd around Moresby had dispersed, and sure enough, he was beckoning to me.

Rude, I thought, but I obeyed him anyway.

"I don't know you, do I?" He smiled down at me. My brief irritation at his lack of manners melted away in the heat of that smile.

"I'm Colette D'Arpignay. I just joined the Department of Languages and Literature this semester."

"Oh, right! The Sex Professor!"

I felt the blood rising in my cheeks. "Oh dear! I didn't realize that sobriquet had spread outside my own department."

"Never mind. It doesn't hurt to have a bit of a racy reputation. Makes you more interesting." He scanned my body, not even trying to disguise his lascivious interest. "The question is, do you deserve it?"

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LISABET SARAI occasionally tackles other genres, but BDSM will always be her
first love. Every one of her novels includes some element of power
exchange, while her D/s short stories range from mildly kinky to intensely perverse. Learn more at and
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