Sunday, August 23, 2015

#Excerpt from Naked Rebel on #sale now. #ASMSG

Thought I'd share an excerpt. Now on sale at amazon

With this assignment being at the head quarters of the enemy, the likelihood of exposure threatened both their lives. Salzar, a ruthless beast, slaughtered the ruler of Vortar and his family ten years ago to gain his position of power and would not hesitate to kill again.
But as a woman, Rane was in even greater danger. Salzar’s fetish for sex could lead him to do unspeakable things to her before he allowed her to die. The rumor of his treatment of women was part of the reason behind Nick having oral sex with Rane.
Yes, he wanted to taste her creamy cunt but she also needed to understand she shouldn’t play around with anyone other than him. By stating it out loud, Salzar knew Nick had no intentions of sharing either.
Right, like that would stop the man.
Nick worried his hand along the soft skin of Rane’s back and ventured over the round curve of her ass. She shifted and her body covered his. The delectable female weight sent his troubled thoughts into a new direction.
How could he protect her?
Salzar wasn’t a patient man. He’d wanted Rane, and sooner or later he’d come for her. Nick had no means to shield her from the lecherous dictator.
Nick squeezed her velvety flesh. His rough caress drew a moan and she slid higher onto his chest. Her deep breathing puffed against his neck. 

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