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Excerpts from Paws and Claws #shifters #99cents Boxset

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It’s time to howl at the moon and let loose the beast! 
Bears, wolves and lions, oh my! This 21 BOOK Excite Spice MEGA Bundle lets you sink your teeth into all the hot, sexy shifters you could ever dream up! Over 375,000 words of paranormal prose with powerful, protective alphas looking for their fated mates. 

Twenty-one great erotica and erotic romance authors will take you back to the wild, where raw passion rules, and primitive need dominates all. From lions, to tigers, to bears, these shifters will bring out the animal in you. 

It’s time to howl at the moon and let loose the beast! 

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Check out the start of several of the stories. 

Cat Lover by Selena Kitt
There was only one good thing about living with Katie in that little basement apartment—it was cool in the summer. Otherwise, it totally sucked. We could hear everything in the whole house. We knew someone had a dog, because he barked like a rabid Cujo every morning at seven, and of course, my first class didn’t start until ten. Plus, they used the back stoop and its very small area of grass as a doggie—toilet. It was really gross, and the landlord knocked on our door one morning (again, before nine—couldn’t people respect a college guy’s schedule?) demanding to know if we were the one with the dog.

It wasn’t us. The landlord was one of the few on campus who allowed pets. I didn’t even want to own fish but Katie insisted on cats. If it wasn’t the dog barking upstairs, it was the whine of the can opener from our kitchen. Every morning, six a.m.—reer—reer—reer—followed by a hundred thousand thumpity—thumps from every direction, accompanied by a cacophony of meows.
The other thing about the basement that sucked was that we lived next to the laundry room. The noise wasn’t bad—it was better than the cats and that damned dog—but it was the flooding that was the issue. Once in a while, a sock would get stuck in the wash tub and it would overflow during the rinse cycle. Someone’s brilliant design idea in re—vamping this old house as a rental had placed another door to our apartment between the machine and the drain. The carpet always had a faint mildewy smell to it.

One morning long before I should have been awake, I heard Katie doing that “here, kittykittykitty” run—on that cat lovers always used—like the cats ever came when you called them? She would have had better luck bringing the can opener. I was thinking all of this with the pillow pulled over my head to block out the light. There was one other good thing about our basement apartment—we seemed to get less light through the little windows near the ceiling.

Alpha Hunted Part 1 by J.M. Klaire

Keelyn slowed her breathing automatically. Years of training kicked in as she eyed the large buck off in the distance, the tip of her arrow a blur in front of her as she sighted in on tonight’s dinner.
She could feel her father, Anson, off to her right side and a foot or so behind her, his quiet voice becoming silent the second he noticed her spy the large deer and raise her bow in one fluid, almost unconscious movement.

They’d had two goals when they set off on today’s hunt— a buck and a werewolf.
The buck would provide fresh venison for the table tonight, and also make quite a bit of dried, smoked meat for her father to take with him on his journey to the castle, plus still leave plenty to feed Keelyn, her mother, and her little sisters for a few days before Keelyn would need to hunt again, in her father’s absence.

The werewolf’s body, which they had yet to get, was to provide the last bit of money the family still needed to pay the farm’s yearly rent at the gathering next month. If they didn’t come across a werewolf today, her father still had plenty of time to kill one more on the way to the castle, since his journey by foot would take him a couple of weeks.

His yearly route took him straight through werewolf country, so the buck was actually the more important of the two kills they were hoping to make today.

Keelyn eyed the buck and held her breath, getting her timing just right before sliding her fingers from the bow’s string and launching the sharpened, homemade arrow for a quick, humane kill.

The arrow hit home, flying fast and sure. If she had used a bullet, she knew in her bones that the buck would have dropped where it stood, but they couldn’t afford either a gun or the metal they would need to make their own bullets, so the pair carried bows they had forged from the forest instead.

Captured by the Bear by Vicki Savage

Shae Donovan squinted through her snow—speckled goggles as she hit the gas in her snowmobile. Damn, the winter storm was going from bad to worse. Hopefully she’d be able to find that family before it was too late.

“Come on, girl. You can do it.” The engine sputtered and jerked as she pumped the gas and willed the old machine to go faster.

The thick snow and poor visibility made it so she couldn’t see more than a few paces in front of her. Shae had to rely on her knowledge of the landscape and her instincts as a guide to prevent her from going in circles. Heaven only knew how much longer those parents and little girl would last in such terrible conditions. They didn’t know the land like she did.

Wiping the snow from her control panel, she saw that her fuel gauge was almost on empty. Fuck. She wasn’t going to have enough gas to return to the ski lodge. If the snow kept falling like this throughout the night, she’d die of frostbite right along with that family.

Shae was normally much better at finding lost tourists. In fact, her knack for locating people was legendary at the lodge. It irritated her that these three still hadn’t been found. She had checked all of the paths and all of the marked slopes twice. Where could they be?

When the alarm went out about the upcoming blizzard, her boss, Edward Brach, had shut down the slopes and ordered everyone to stay in the lodge where it was safe. The winds could get fierce up in the mountain range, and if one didn’t know what they were doing, they could get disoriented and freeze to death. All but one family heeded the warning. A couple with their teenage girl had gone cross country skiing in the inclement weather. They must have missed the markers and gotten lost.

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